10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day

Enjoy a special day with your kids and celebrate Fairy Tale Day this February 26! Your kids will have a blast with these 10 creative ideas and resources, no matter what age.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day is recognized on February 26.  Fairy tales are amazing resources to add to your homeschool and learning fun. Filled with interesting and memorable characters, storylines, and lessons, fairy tales provide you engaging material for kids of all ages.

Fun With Fairy Tales:  Hands-On Learning Stations:   Family Schooling provides these awesome ideas for hands-on learning fun with fairy tales.

Colorful Fairy Tale Cardboard Castles:   Awesome idea from Pink Stripey Socks! Hands-on DIY project to build your own fairy tale castle by recycling cardboard.

FREE Fairy Tale Shadow Puppets:   Meet Penny shares this free printable. Use to help with narration, imagination, and fun!

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