10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day

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Enjoy a special day with your kids and celebrate Fairy Tale Day this February 26! Your kids will have a blast with these 10 creative ideas and resources, no matter what age.

Celebrate Fairy Tale Day this February 26 (or any day of the year!) with these 10 creative ideas & resources.



Tell a Fairy Tale Day is recognized on February 26.  Fairy tales are amazing resources to add to your homeschool and learning fun. Filled with interesting and memorable characters, storylines, and lessons, fairy tales provide you engaging material for kids of all ages.

To add to our February fun, I gathered these 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day. You will find resources for:

  • hands-on activities
  • movement games
  • creative crafts
  • imaginative play
  • STEM learning


Young girl dressed like Snow White with yellow headband listening to boy wearing red glasses and blue stripe shirt read fairy tale book with red ball & fairy tale shadows in background

Suggested Resources to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day

Hopefully, you have books and other materials that contain fairy tales. These timeless treasures are invaluable in the development and education of your kids. When paired with creative and hands-on activities, fairy tales can become even more powerful as teaching tools.

Here are a few of our family's favorite resources for fairy tales:

The Three Bears Board Book:  An absolute favorite with all of my boys! They love when I use silly voices for each of the characters.

The Little Red Hen Board Book:  Another awesome resource with bright colors and sturdy design. Perfect for young learners!


Usborne Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales:  Gorgeous illustrations with 15 fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Usborne Illustrated Grimm's Fairy Tales is a wonderful resource to help celebrate Fairy Tale Day.


Usborne Fairy Tales for Bedtime:  Another wonderful resource for fairy tales!

Fairy Tales for Bedtime by Usborne is a fantastic resource to help you celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day!


Usborne Illustrated Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales:  Beautiful illustrations accompany the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

This Usborne book for Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales is a great way to celebrate Tell A Fairy Tale Day.


Peek Inside A Fairy Tale Books:  These Usborne books are fantastic resources to engage kids, especially young learners. Titles include Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood.These Peek Inside A Fairy Tale books by Usborne are amazing resources to help you celebrate Fairy Tale Day.



Have learning fun with your kids with these 10 creative ways to celebrate Fairy Tale Day.

10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day

Check out each of these creative ideas to boost your learning fun with fairy tales!

Fun With Fairy Tales:  Hands-On Learning Stations:  Family Schooling provides these awesome ideas for hands-on learning fun with fairy tales.

Colorful Fairy Tale Cardboard Castles:  Awesome idea from Pink Stripey Socks! Hands-on DIY project to build your own fairy tale castle by recycling cardboard.

FREE Fairy Tale Shadow Puppets:  Meet Penny shares this free printable. Use to help with narration, imagination, and fun!

Fairy Playdough Recipe:  This playdough recipe from Laughing Kids Learn features the color pink. You can easily switch colors if your boys (like mine!) refuse to touch pink.

Draw A Fairy Tale Map (Education.com):  Practice map skills with this learning fun activity with fairy tale themes.

Fairy Tales Castle Art Project:  Deep Space Sparkle provides this tutorial to help you teach your kids how to draw a castle.

Count and Climb with Jack and the Beanstalk:  Fun hands-on activity for young learners by Rainy Day Mum.

Three Little Pigs Houses:  Science Sparks shares these STEM activities for hands-on learning.

Math Activities for Jack and the Beanstalk (Fairy Dust Teaching):  Creative and hands-on learning activities for this fairy tale.

An Outdoor Game for Kids who Love Fairy Tales (with printable action cards):  I Can Teach My Child has these cards that provide kinesthetic prompts for learning fun.

Add sparkle to your learning fun with these 10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Fairy Tale Day!

Hope these resources and creative activities help you celebrate Fairy Tale Day with tons of learning fun!
How will you add sparkle to your homeschool and family with these ideas?


Young girl wearing princess costume is smiling and waving as she stands behind cardboard castle on green grass with sunny sky to feature a creative way to celebrate Fairy Tale Day with kids

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  1. I love the fantasy characters and magic in fairy tales. You can let your imagination roam free. Hope you have the chance to read my new picture book The Wish Carvers a never-been-told-before fairy tale about two sibling elves that come across a knife with the words “what’s carved with me will come to be” on the handle.

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