Love Bug Craft for Valentine’s Day Fun with Kids

Love Bug Craft for Valentine’s Day Fun with Kids

This easy and entertaining craft uses popsicle sticks and other materials that are sure to bring out your child’s inner artist.

Through art and craft projects, children benefit by: – learning about shapes, textures, and colors – developing fine motor skills – improving coordination and concentration – enhancing problem-solving abilities – fostering self-expression

Supplies: – Jumbo Craft Sticks – Heart Doilies – Glitter Foam Hearts – Chenille Stems (pipe cleaners) – Tinsel Pom Poms – Glue – Craft Paint – Paintbrush – Pencil with New Eraser – Scissors

Create love bugs using five jumbo craft sticks lined up, with an additional trimmed stick glued to the back. Paint the bugs in red, pink, and white, allowing drying time between coats.

Flip the bugs over and attach heart doilies to the back as wings. Add two google eyes, a tinsel pom pom nose, and cheek stamps with paint-dipped eraser. Create antennae with chenille stems wound around a pencil, bent in half, and adorned with glitter foam hearts at each end.

Attach the antennae to the top of the love bugs and add large glitter hearts to their bodies. Finish by drawing smiles with a black marker from cheek to cheek on each love bug's face. Mix and match colors for unique combinations.

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