Weather Activities for Kids: 14+ Easy Ways to Make It Fun

Introduce your child to the wonders of weather with this collection of 14+ weather activities for kids. Designed to be educational and engaging, these activities will help children learn about different weather phenomena while having fun.

Winter Snowball Sensory Bin (With Arctic Animals) by Crafty Kids Play Kids can experience the magic of snow with this winter snowball sensory bin, complete with Arctic animals.

Seasons Weather Sorting Activity by In the Playroom This easy-to-set-up seasons weather sorting activity with foam stickers is a fantastic way to learn and track the changing seasons.

Rain Cloud in Jar Science Experiment by Living Life & Learning With this incredible shaving cream rain cloud experiment, you and your kids can explore the magic of weather science and create beautiful cloud formations.

With these creative hands-on activities, your child will not only gain a better understanding of weather but also develop a lifelong curiosity about the world around them. Get ready for a storm of excitement and learning!

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