Weather Activities for Kids: 14+ Easy Ways to Make It Fun

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Introduce your child to the wonders of weather with this collection of 14+ weather activities for kids. Designed to be educational and engaging, these activities will help children learn about different weather phenomena while having fun.

Each activity is hands-on and interactive, from creating their own weather forecast to making a rain cloud in a bottle. Plus, you'll find a list with 11 more ideas for weather fun with your students!

Examples of weather activities for kids like rain cloud in a jar and snow sensory activity.

Wonderful Weather Activities for Kids

Get ready for some awesome learning fun with your students! These weather activities are super cool ways to enjoy weather from all four seasons of the year.

Examples of winter snowball sensory bin with arctic animals from Crafty Kids Play.

Winter Snowball Sensory Bin (With Arctic Animals) by Crafty Kids Play

Kids can experience the magic of snow with this winter snowball sensory bin, complete with Arctic animals. Whether in a snow-covered area or not, this sensory bin provides a fun and cozy alternative to playing with real snow.

Weather observation activity for kids using foam stickers by In the Playroom.

Seasons Weather Sorting Activity by In the Playroom

Get hands-on with the seasons and weather!

This easy-to-set-up seasons weather sorting activity with foam stickers is a fantastic way to learn and track the changing seasons.

Rain cloud in a jar with water, shaving cream, and blue food coloring from Living Life & Learning.

Rain Cloud in Jar Science Experiment by Living Life & Learning

Imagine the joy of playing with clouds right in your own home.

With this incredible shaving cream rain cloud experiment, you and your kids can explore the magic of weather science and create beautiful cloud formations.

DIY felt weather shapes with free pattern from Fun Cloth Crafts.

Felt Weather Board with Free Template by Fun Cloth Crafts

This DIY felt board comes with a free template, which makes creating weather scenes and forecasts easy. Kids can learn about many different weather types in a fun and engaging way.

The free template includes a sun, cloud, raindrops, snowflakes, wind, rainbow, tornado, thermometer, and more.

Fake snow display for sensory play by Simply Full of Delight.

How to Make Fake Snow for Sensory Play by Simply Full of Delight

Get ready to create a winter wonderland with just two simple ingredients.

Use cornstarch and hair conditioner to make fake snow for sensory play.

Weather memory game printable set from Homeschool of 1.

Free Weather Memory Game Printable by Homeschool of 1

This free memory game printable is a fun and educational weather-themed activity for kids. This printable includes 12 vibrant weather-related images that kids can match, enhancing their memory and cognitive skills.

Additionally, the cards can be personalized as children have the opportunity to decorate the backs, adding a creative touch to the game.

Pop-up rainbow card by Red Ted Art.

How to Make an Easy Pop Up Rainbow Card by Red Ted Art

Kids can learn about the colors of the rainbow while making an easy pop-up rainbow card using the accordion paper folding technique.

This 3D card making technique is perfect for kids, as it is simple yet produces adorable results.

Examples of printable weather worksheets by 24 Hour Family.

Printable Weather Worksheets for Kindergarten by 24 Hour Family

These printable weather worksheets are perfect for teaching young learners about different weather patterns.

With vibrant images and interactive exercises, your kids will be able to describe sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy days in no time.

Example of weather bingo game by The Best Ideas for Kids.

Weather Bingo by The Best Ideas for Kids

Get ready to play weather bingo with these awesome free printable cards. The game is a breeze to set up.

Print out the cards and let the kids join the fun. Plus, each card is a chance to spark a conversation about everything weather-related.

Examples of April Showers Paper Umbrellas by Homan at Home.

April Showers Paper Umbrellas by Homan at Home

Don’t let April showers dampen your spirits!

This cheerful April showers paper umbrella is a fun and easy project to brighten any rainy day.

All you need is paper to create this weather-themed craft.

Shiny Stormy Weather craft for kids inspired by Thunder Cake book by A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Stormy Weather Craft by A Little Pinch of Perfect

This weather craft for kids is inspired by the book Thunder Cake and includes everything from raindrops to shining lightning bolts.

Prepare to bring the stormy weather indoors and create a masterpiece, leaving your little ones beaming with pride.

Winter STEM snowball activity with styrofoam balls and toothpicks by Hands On Teaching Ideas.

Snowball STEM Activity by Hands On Teaching Ideas

Here is a winter STEM activity that involves creating a snow fort with styrofoam and toothpicks.

Kids can work on their engineering skills while learning about snow in this weather-themed activity.

Example of Sun Coloring Pages by Two Kids and a Coupon.

Free Printable Sun Coloring Pages by Two Kids and a Coupon

The sun is an essential part of learning about the weather.

Embrace the sun's warmth and let your child’s creativity shine with these free printable sun coloring pages.

Snowman in a bag kids craft by Oh My! Creative.

Snowman In A Bag Kids Craft by Oh My! Creative

This snowman in a bag craft perfectly combines creativity and learning about winter weather in a hands-on experience.

This charming weather-themed project is not only incredibly cute and effortless to assemble, but it also provides an exciting sensory exploration that your little ones will love.

Examples of weather activities for kids like rain cloud in a jar, paper umbrella craft, rainbow pop-up card, and free printable weather worksheets.

More Ideas for Learning Fun with Weather Themes

Here are more ways to have fun with weather. My boys and I have had a blast with weather projects for science fun and more.

Get ready for a whirlwind of fun as your child discovers the magic behind meteorology!

  1. DIY Weather Station: Set up a mini weather station at home with a thermometer, barometer, and wind vane. Your little meteorologist can observe and record daily weather changes.
  2. Weather Journal: Encourage your child to keep a weather journal. They can note the temperature, sky conditions, and any unusual weather events each day. It's a great way to develop observation skills.
  3. Cloud Identification: Take cloud watching to the next level! Teach your child about different cloud types and have them identify clouds in the sky. Cumulus, stratus, or cirrus – the sky's the limit!
  4. Make a Windsock: Craft a colorful windsock together. Hang it outside, and watch how the wind direction changes. It's a hands-on way to understand the movement of the air around us.
  5. Create a Weather Collage: Gather old magazines and newspapers to make a weather-themed collage. Your child can cut out pictures of suns, rainbows, and lightning bolts, fostering creativity while learning.
  6. Weather Charades: Play a lively game of weather charades. Act out different weather conditions, and let your child guess whether it's sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy. It's a fun way to reinforce weather vocabulary.
  7. Make a Rainbow: Capture the beauty of a rainbow indoors! Shine a flashlight through a glass of water onto a white surface, and watch as a rainbow appears. A magical experience that explains the science behind rainbows.
  8. Weather Bingo: Create a weather-themed bingo game. Use pictures or words related to different weather conditions, and enjoy a family-friendly game night while learning about various weather phenomena.
  9. Sun Prints: Harness the power of the sun to create unique sun prints. Arrange objects on light-sensitive paper, expose them to sunlight, and watch as the paper changes color. A hands-on lesson in solar energy!
  10. Weather Puppets: Get crafty and make weather puppets. Your child can create characters representing different weather elements and put on entertaining puppet shows, combining creativity with meteorology.
  11. Weather Forecasting: Let your child play weather reporter by creating their own weather forecast. Use symbols and drawings to represent different weather conditions. It's a fantastic way to enhance communication skills and confidence.
Examples of weather activities for kids like weather chart with stickers, rain cloud in a jar, and snow sensory activity.

Oh, and have some math + art fun with our free printable weather color by number activities!

Examples of 6 free weather color by number activities.

With these creative hands-on activities, your child will not only gain a better understanding of weather but also develop a lifelong curiosity about the world around them. Get ready for a storm of excitement and learning!

What weather activities for kids would you add to this list? I'd love to see your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post 😊

Examples of weather activities for kids like sticker weather chart, weather bingo, weather memory game, and felt weather board.

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