Hot Air Balloon Craft

These hot air balloon craft ideas for kids are fantastic and frugal ways to enjoy hands-on fun activities.

We dug through our craft supplies and found materials to make: Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher Hot Air Balloon Yarn Weave  Hot Air Balloon Tissue Paper Craft

Paint a paper plate black, cut out the center. Cut out a circle of contact paper.

Make This Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher Craft

Start sticking pieces of tissue paper around the contact paper until it is covered.

Paint a paper plate and punch holes around the edge.

Hot Air Balloon Yarn Weave Craft

Then, start weaving the yarn through the holes randomly.

Cut a rectangular shape from brown cardstock for a basket. Attach with yarn.

Cut long strips from assorted colors of tissue paper. Glue the strips to the bottom side of a paper plate.

Hot Air Balloon Tissue Paper Craft

Use popsicle sticks to make a basket.

Then glue the basket to the bottom of the paper plate. Make sure all the glue dries completely.

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