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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Fun Way to Help Kids Be Thankful & More (Free Printable)

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This gratitude scavenger hunt is a simple yet creative way to help your kids practice thankfulness and appreciation.

You can use this free printable scavenger hunt with gratitude themes with a variety of ages, from little ones through adults.

Get creative ideas for enjoying this positive activity with your kids and your free set today!

This free printable gratitude scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to enjoy a positive and fun activity for kids. Get creative ideas for enjoying!

Sharing a Tremendous Gift with Our Kids - Gratitude

As a mom and homeschooler, I love teaching my 5 boys all sorts of different things.

Some of those topics have been easier to teach than others.

Helping little ones learn numbers and letters was truly delightful. And then watching their faces light up as they put the letters together to form words and sentences.

Oh, and I adore bringing subjects like history, geography, math, and science to life with engaging and meaningful resources!

But, other important lessons (that aren't included in traditional academic resources) have been a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, more materials are being created and shared on things like growth mindset and character education.

And I say hurrah! I believe that it's essential to empower our children with academic and life skills to help them thrive. A big part of those essential life skills involves self-awareness and appreciation.

I'm always looking for and creating new ways to give our kids opportunities to flex their creativity, positivity, and learning fun. So, I'm super excited to share this free printable gratitude scavenger hunt with you!

woman holding red clipboard with free printable gratitude scavenger hunt with red pencil and rainbow of markers on wood background

Learn More About This Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This free printable gratitude scavenger hunt is on one page. It has a super cute bear hugging a heart and a yummy cupcake.

This scavenger hunt for kids has 14 prompts with gratitude themes. Your child is prompted to find:

  • Something I like to wear
  • Something that makes me laugh
  • Something I am thankful for
  • My favorite food
  • My favorite toy
  • A smell I love
  • My favorite book
  • Something that makes me feel safe
  • Something that makes me happy
  • Something that tastes good
  • Something I am proud of
  • Something I love
  • Something I use a lot
  • Something that makes me feel strong

At the bottom of the list, your child is prompted to complete the sentence: Today I am grateful for ________.

woman holding red clipboard with free printable gratitude scavenger hunt with red pencil and rainbow of markers on wood background

Creative Ideas for Enjoying This Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

You have a few options for completing the prompts, depending on the age of participants. Your child can:

  • Physically go and get each item
  • Draw their answer to the gratitude prompt
  • Write down their answer to the prompt
  • Talk about their answers (use as conversation starters)

This gratitude scavenger hunt is a fantastic instructional tool. As you read through each prompt, chat with your kids about the thoughts and feelings that come up for them. Give your children praise for their growing self-awareness as they enjoy this thankful scavenger hunt.

You can also encourage your kids to visualize these objects and positive thoughts when faced with struggles or feeling frustrated, scared, or sad.

Cool Ways to Keep the Gratitude Going

You can easily use this free printable scavenger hunt again and again. Of course, you can print as many copies as you need. OR you can laminate the page and use a dry erase marker to check off completed prompts.

You may find that your kids get excited about one or more of their responses to these gratitude prompts. If so, chat with your kids about projects that they can make and enjoy. A few ideas for gratitude-themed projects for kids include:

  • Photo album (physical or digital)
  • Vision board
  • Journal
  • Portfolio of creative work (writing, drawing, painting, etc.)
  • Video

A great way to keep these positive emotions going is to talk with your kids about little things that they can do to show gratitude. What are different ways to show appreciation? What are some fun things to add to this list? How can you show thanks any time of the year?

free printable gratitude scavenger hunt on red clipboard with red pencil and rainbow of markers on wood background

Get Your Free Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

WooHoo! You’ll be be amazed at how much of a positive impact this simple activity has on your kids.

This free Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is on 1 printable (PDF) page.

Please print as many of these scavenger hunts as you need for your personal use, family, class, homeschool co-op, or community event. If you have a friend or co-worker who'd like to have this sort of fall fun, I ask that you please share this post with them. Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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Get your FREE Gratitude Hunt by tapping HERE or on the image below.

This free printable gratitude scavenger hunt is a great way to help your kids (and yourself) really appreciate all that you have and more.

What other types of printable scavenger hunts would you like to enjoy with your kids? Share your ideas in the comments area below.

Wishing you and your kids tons of gratitude fun!

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