Super Mario Cootie Catcher

Want a sensational way to have Super Mario Fun with your kids without screens? This free cootie catcher for kids is a fantastic activity for hands-on, interactive fun.

Have you used cootie catchers with your kids? These easy-to-make and use printables are super fun ways to engage and connect.

A cootie catcher (also commonly called an origami fortune teller) is simply made from a piece of paper. You can make your own cootie catchers or have special fun with printables.

Cootie catchers are fabulous activities to enjoy with kids at: – your Super Mario party – library – classroom – homeschool – homeschool co-op – family – rainy day activities – friends

Got a playdate coming up? Or having a Mario-themed birthday party? Print out several copies of this free cootie catcher for Super Mario fun!

With interactive prompts to get you up and moving, your kids will love having fun with: – Mario – Luigi – Yoshi – Princess Peach

Other parts of these popular video games are found on the cootie catcher, including gold coin, power-up block, fire flower, Yoshi egg, and more!.

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