Homeschool Activities to Kickstart the Year

Get awesome ideas, suggested resources, and free printables to create a special 1st day of homeschool for your family to treasure.

These activities are as low cost as possible. They’re also feasible for large homeschool families with a variety of ages and stages.

Make or buy snacks that you know your kids love. Having a treat to look forward to and refuel with is always helpful, especially on your first day.

Do your kids have a favorite breakfast menu? Surprise them with it!

Set up your school area with balloons and streamers the night before your homeschool first day.

Select age-appropriate ways for each of your kids to tell you all about themselves. This activity is a great way for your kids to share special facts about themselves, as well as to preserve memories.

Design a homeschool vision board with your kids. A fantastic way to create and work on homeschool goals with visual reminders!

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