Star Wars-Inspired Origami Fortune Tellers-UPDATED 2024

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2 FREE Star Wars-Inspired Origami Fortune Tellers

Perfect for parties, classroom use, family, & homeschool fun!

Featuring some of your favorite characters from Star Wars:

*Luke Skywalker
*Darth Vader

*Kylo Ren

Get a sneak peek of these Star Wars-Inspired Origami Fortune Tellers HERE!


  1. A Greene (verified owner)

    Very cute. Would be nice if the instructions were written on the printable.

  2. leahetrahan (verified owner)

    sort of difficult to understand at first but it was AWESOME.

    • amy milcic

      Thanks! May I ask what was difficult? Folding instructions? Or would you prefer to have a word or name for the characters? I'll be updating this freebie & want to make sure it's better 🙂

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