Homeschooling is a blessing but can be so overwhelming!  

You never feel like you have enough time to do what you need to do.  All that research, curriculum selection, planning, and prep work.  Oh, and there’s the time when you are actually homeschooling your kids!

Then, you have to figure out how to do all the other things.  Cleaning, cooking, and being the kids’ chauffeur.

When the day is done, there’s this dull sense that something was missing from your homeschool day.  You go through your mental checklists.  Looks like everything major that needed to be done got checked off…

Or did it?

Through all the hustle and bustle of the day, did you make time to sit down with your kids and laugh?  Look in their eyes and smile?

Did you make time for fun with your kids?

Please don’t worry if your answer is no

I understand.  Just a little too well.

And I now know how the power of homeschool fun can help you rock your homeschool!



Rock Your Homeschool community is a place where you learn how to use homeschool fun to boost learning, relationships, & life.
Hey!  Here’s me surrounded by my five boys and our loving pup.  Can you tell this crew loves to have fun? 🙂


Remember the classic 80s show “The Golden Girls”?  Sophia often would share a story to make a point.  “Picture it.  Sicily-1923.”

Here’s my chance!  “Picture it.  Your homeschool-with a regular dose of homeschool fun.  You smile as you relax in your homeschool and play a game with your kids.  

No worries.  No stress.  Sounds of giggles and memories being made.  You exude a glow of confidence and joy because you are actually achieving your homeschool goal of connecting with your kids!”

When you join the Rock Your Homeschool community,
you will learn how to boost learning, relationships, & life with homeschool fun.

Bit of back story, Sophia-style!

When I started homeschooling, I was the poster child for “hot mess mama”.  Pregnant, chasing a toddler, and trying to wrangle my two active older boys to the table (boy #5 wasn’t even a sparkle in my eye yet!).

My overzealous optimism for bringing my boys home to educate after not-so-fun public school experiences ended up exhausting me.  I had these Pinterest-perfect dreams of what it would be like to homeschool.

Dreams that were crushed by my unrealistic expectations and sucking the joy out of learning by overplanning.

Girl, it was a train wreck!

After a lengthy mommy meltdown complete with tears streaming down my face and self-doubt swimming around my head, I had a realization.  And then a sense of peace and calm.

After a period of deschooling, I opened my eyes and my heart even more to what my boys really needed.

I knew there was a better way.  More effective.  And more fun.

And so, it became my mission to incorporate learning fun into our homeschool and family life.

After seeing and feeling the positive effects of homeschool fun in my boys, I knew that I needed to share these ideas, tools, and techniques with other homeschoolers.

I feel so honored to help you boost learning, relationships, and life with homeschool fun.

Because why are YOU homeschooling?

You want to provide an effective and enjoyable educational experience for your kids, right?  You don’t want to stifle creativity and curiosity!  And you don’t want overwhelm and stress to weigh you down.

Take my hand (just be careful-it might have a bit of glitter on it!) and let’s rock your homeschool with FUN!

P.S.  You don’t have to use glitter or playdough.



You will find resources and support here on Rock Your Homeschool to help you along your journey.  A few favorites are:

Amy Milcic, founder and blogger behind Rock Your Homeschool community.


You can also learn more about my journey to rock my homeschool on guest podcasts, like:




Mamas that I know and love have graciously shared how my resources and support have helped them easily add fun to their homeschool.  “Your homeschool fun calendars and activities are just what our homeschool needed!”  “Thank you for being a breath of fresh air and reminding me to insert fun into our day!”

Now that you have learned a bit about Rock Your Homeschool, I’d love to hear from you!  Email me at  I want to get to know you, your story, and how I can help you rock your homeschool!  

4 comments on “About Rock Your Homeschool”

  1. I am homeschooling a 10 year old that lives with me through the week( grandson) I love the possibility of making school more fun, he is eager to learn but I love to hear him laugh and I do not hear that often enough

    • Hey Margaret! I’m so glad you are here!! I think it is super special when grandparents have the opportunity to homeschool their grandkids. You ARE doing incredible things. I’d love to help you make sure that laughter happens every day 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to any tips and suggestions through this new adventure. After seeing our son struggle with middle school this last year, we have decided to go back to homeschooling starting in the New Year. I just want to make sure to be able to create a fun and happy learning experience for our 13 year old.

    • Hey Susan! Middle school is tough-sorry to hear about the struggle 🙁 Sending you tons of positive vibes & working on resources to help make that fun experience happen!!

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