Fill your cup.

Take time for you.

Nurture your mind, body, and soul so you can be a better version of yourself.


As a busy mom, you've probably heard these suggestions a gazillion times. And you know how important it is to make time to care for yourself and strengthen your well-being.

But, just how are you supposed to enjoy self-care time when you have a sink full of dirty dishes, kids to teach, and an errand list that never seems to end?

Get tips, tricks, & encouragement to enjoy self-care for moms.


I totally get it! As a busy homeschool soccer mom to five boys who range from preschool to high school, #momlife had me feeling like I didn't know if I was coming or going most of the time. Add the variety of hats that I wear in one day (chauffeur, nurse, teacher, blogger, dog walker, pooper scooper, etc.) and self-care would get pushed past the back burner, splattered behind the stove in a big gooey, forgotten mess.

After a mommy meltdown to rival all mommy meltdowns, I decided that I'd had enough. Something had to give and it couldn't be my self-care anymore.

So, I've been working on weaving self-care practices into life. It's not always easy and there are plenty of times that I'm tempted to put it off. But, I know the benefits are invaluable and truly do make me a better mom, wife, friend, even pooper scooper 😉 


I invite you to join me on this journey of self-care for moms. Check out these Self-Care resources for motivation, encouragement, tips, and customizing your experiences:

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