To Rock Your Homeschool!

My name is Amy, a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, and I am so very glad that you are here!  I invite you to come in, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and peruse our site filled with homeschool encouragement, learning fun activities, and ways to boost your relationships.

Rock Your Homeschool is dedicated to helping homeschool moms relax and enjoy homeschooling while boosting learning fun.  Through encouragement, support, and resources, you will find helpful reminders and new ways to customize your homeschool adventures to best match the personalities and needs of your family.

Also, I personally love to hear all about new ways and products to help my family and myself in our homeschool adventures.  When I discover an amazing new product or fun way to rock our homeschool, I will be sure to share here with you.

Rock Your Homeschool primarily focuses on homeschooling, encouragement, family, and well-being.  As a former mental health therapist, I believe it is essential to take a holistic view of your homeschool and family life.  You will find posts with tips on self-care, homeschooling, and cultivating positive relationships.Please let me know if you have any questions or ever have any issues navigating this site.  

My goal is to provide you with the help and resources you need to customize your homeschooling experience as you connect with your kids and create special memories

Homeschooling is such a fun & dynamic journey!  Find great tips and resources on how to rock your homeschool.  Here are a few favorites to help you get started:

Homeschool Morning Time Board + Organizer

Homeschool Vision Board

Top 3 for Me!  Goal Setting for Homeschoolers

I am a firm believer in lifting each other up and providing support where needed.  I love sharing positive ways to help you boost your homeschool day and life.  Also, I was very blessed to have some dear homeschool blogging friends share their encouragement and wisdom during 21 Days Of Homeschooling Encouragement Blog Party.  Here are a few resources to give you a boost when you need it:

Affirmations for Homeschool Moms

Affirmations for Homeschool Kids

Trust in the Homeschool Process

How to Stay Positive in Your Homeschool

Be a More Patient Homeschool Mom

I love to create, find, and share fabulous ways to add fun to learning.  You will find printable resources and suggestions that will help you boost learning fun in your homeschool and family life.

Homeschool Fun Calendars

Homeschool Fun Bucket Lists

Homeschool Fun Toolbox

Dr. Seuss Learning Fun

Harry Potter-Inspired Learning Fun

How to Easily Make Homeschooling Fun


Thanks so much for stopping by Rock Your Homeschool!  Reach out to me via email at and let me know how you hope to rock your homeschool!