Christmas Writing Prompts

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This free set of Christmas writing prompts includes 10 pages with:

  • 2 pages of writing prompts in color (with 5 prompts per page for a total of 10 writing prompts)
  • 1 page (in black-and-white so printer-friendly!) of Ugly Christmas Sweater Writing Fun for a cool mix of drawing, decorating, and writing
  • 1 page (in black-and-white) with writing and drawing prompt for a Magical Gift Bag
  • 1 page (in black-and-white) for writing and drawing fun for 2 Surprise Gifts
  • 5 pages (in black-and-white) of writing and coloring fun for creating a layered Christmas tree for recording special memories and favorites

Overall, you'll find 14 Christmas-themed writing (and drawing) prompts for holiday learning fun.

Check it out HERE & get creative ideas for using!


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