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Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids to Enjoy Holiday Learning Fun (Free Printables)

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Christmas writing prompts are wonderful ways to add a touch of the holiday season to your learning fun.

These types of prompts can help your kids focus all that holiday excitement while practicing important skills.

Check out these creative writing (and drawing) prompts for Christmas time fun and get your free set today!

This free set of Christmas writing prompts has 10 pages for a variety of ways to write & draw for holiday learning fun for kids.

Positive Ways to Focus All That Holiday Energy

As the holidays approach, it feels like someone cranked up the energy level in our house. My boys get so excited about Christmas time and all that's happening at the North Pole! It's definitely one of our favorite holidays.

While I love all that excitement and enthusiasm, it can make it difficult to get my boys to sit down and focus on their homeschool work. Or anything not related to Christmas.

Instead of getting frustrated or giving up, I choose to use their interest in the holidays to my advantage. Although we enjoy an eclectic and relaxed approach to homeschooling, I still expect my boys to complete their assignments.

To make it easier and more enjoyable for all of us, I sprinkle a fun holiday twist on their homeschool assignments. Over the years, I've discovered that these small changes make a world of difference AND are positive ways to spark creativity.

Variety of Christmas writing prompts in color and black-and-white to feature how you can use this set of free Christmas printables for holiday learning fun

What You'll Find in This Free Christmas Writing Prompts Pack

As a mom homeschooling multiple kids, I like to have resources that can be used with a variety of ages and stages. In this free pack, I've mixed in Christmas writing prompts with drawing prompts.

Use these Christmas prompts in whatever way best fits your family or class. If you have different fun ideas for writing during the Christmas holidays, go for it. It's all about adding holiday fun to your learning adventures!

This free set of Christmas writing prompts includes 10 pages with:

  • 2 pages of writing prompts in color (with 5 prompts per page for a total of 10 writing prompts)
  • 1 page (in black-and-white so printer-friendly!) of Ugly Christmas Sweater Writing Fun for a cool mix of drawing, decorating, and writing
  • 1 page (in black-and-white) with writing and drawing prompt for a Magical Christmas Gift Bag (like Santa Claus)
  • 1 page (in black-and-white) for writing and drawing fun for 2 Surprise Gifts
  • 5 pages (in black-and-white) of writing and coloring fun for creating a layered Christmas tree for recording special memories, the best Christmas ornament, favorite Christmas traditions, and more

Overall, you'll find 14 Christmas-themed writing (and drawing) prompts for holiday learning fun.

free Christmas writing prompts in color and black-and-white to on Christmas background with ornaments, pine branches, and red berries to feature how you can use this set of Christmas printables to boost writing and drawing fun during the holidays

Creative Ways to Boost the Fun with These Printable Prompts

Want to make sure these creative writing ideas and drawing prompts are fun for your kids? Here are a few tips and ideas:

  • Start your Christmas fun by using the creative writing prompts as conversation starters or story starters. Chatting about the topics (and jotting down ideas) can help your kids brainstorm.
  • Provide a variety of writing and coloring tools. My boys love to pull over our homeschool carts full of supplies, like:
  • Cut the 10 holiday writing prompts (in color) into strips. Place in a stocking and have your kids randomly pick out a prompt to use that day.
  • Enjoy Christmas Fitness Prompts before, during, or after your holiday writing fun. These fitness prompts have holiday themes with excellent ways to get up and moving.
  • As you get closer to Christmas Day, add different prompts with variations, like "What would be a modern way to decorate a gingerbread house?", "How would the perfect Christmas tree look?", and "What's your favorite Christmas story and why?"
free Christmas writing prompts in color and black-and-white to feature how you can use this free set of printables for creative writing and drawing fun for kids during the holidays

Get Your Free Christmas Writing Prompts Pack

Ho ho ho! Get ready for some truly Happy Holidays as you build writing skills. You're on your way to enjoying special holiday writing fun with your kids. Such a great way to make the Christmas season even better!

This free Christmas Writing Prompts pack includes 10 pages with a variety of ways to make it fun to write and draw around the holidays.

Please print as many copies of this free set as you need to enjoy in the month of December with your kids, classroom, library, or other special event. If you have a friend or co-worker who loves to add holiday fun to learning, please share this post with them. Thanks so much for your cooperation and sharing!

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Get your FREE Christmas writing prompts pack by tapping HERE or on the image below.

This free set of Christmas writing prompts has 10 pages to help your kids enjoy creative learning fun this holiday season.

Sending you Christmas cheer and wishing you and your loved ones an amazing holiday season filled with fun!

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