Fall Handprint Art Activities

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Enjoy awesome autumn fun with your kids with these special art activities!

This free set of fall handprint art activities includes a variety of styles with 12 blank and 12 examples (in color).

The 12 styles (with adorable autumn themes) include:

  • 2 acorns (brown handprints) with leaves
  • Fall tree (brown handprint) with red, yellow, orange, and grown thumbprint leaves
  • Cute turkey with different colors of thumbprints for feathers
  • 2 red and white mushrooms (handprints) with green thumbprints for grass
  • Sleepy owl on tree branch with red, orange, and yellow thumbprint leaves
  • 2 red apples (handprints) with green thumbprint leaves
  • Orange pumpkin (formed by handprints) on grass with leaves and snail
  • 4 leaves (handprints in different colors)
  • Sunflower (made out of brown handprint and yellow fingerprint flowers) and green thumbprint leaves
  • Campfire (orange, yellow, red handprints) with logs, grass, and mushrooms
  • Fox (with orange handprint) on grass with leaves and tree
  • 2 ladybugs (red handprints with black dots) on leaves

Find out more about these FREE printables and get creative ideas for using HERE!


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