Let's Chat About Homeschool Character Education & Life Skills

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Character education and life skills are subject areas that I believe homeschoolers are blessed to be able to incorporate into homeschool living. Character education, also known as virtue training and values training, provides us with opportunities to pass along important interpersonal relationship skills, as well as personal development.  Life skills, such as cooking, baking, and time management, are vital for our children to survive and thrive as adults.

I was interested to learn how other homeschoolers address character education and life skills training in their homeschools.  Do they use a specific curriculum or do they interweave these essential lessons into other subject areas and discussions? Are these topics demonstrated more by example through daily life or by a structured program?

Let's chat about homeschool character education & life skills is part of a Periscope & blog series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Discover helpful recommendations & resources for curriculum and more!

Homeschool Character Education Chat

We have not used a specific character education curriculum in our homeschool. As a Catholic homeschool family, we read and study the lives of Catholic saints to talk about virtues and values. Also, we use the Bible and Catechism to guide discussions and talk about related topics.

Two books that we have found helpful for discussion of virtues are written by William J. Bennett. The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass both include poems and short stories featuring morals and values.

During this scope, I asked viewers to share their homeschool character education resources. Here is what they had to share:

We Choose Virtues:  Melissa at Soaring Arrows shared this excellent resource for helping kids learn about character building and values. I love the colorful presentation of materials-look very engaging!

Apologia Who Is God?:  Melissa also shared this resource that her family will be using this upcoming homeschool year.

The Put On Lesson Chart Lesson Book (Doorposts):  Dustie shared this resource used in her homeschool family. This Biblical Character Training looks like a very hands-on and visual approach to helping kids learn important lessons on patience, compassion, and more.

Laying Down The Rails:  This resource is based on Charlotte Mason approach for habit training. Fantastic reference for instilling good habits, breaking bad habits, and positive encouragement.

Pearables:  Character Curriculum & Materials for both girls and boys. Resources on learning responsibility and home economics.

Confessions of a Homeschooler's Bible Character Studies:  Tracy shared this amazing looking resource!


Homeschool Life Skills Chat

Life skills are a big part of our homeschool. We train our boys to do age-appropriate chores from an early age. One of the ways that I have incorporated chores into our homeschool is through Zone Cleaning For Kids.

Coach teaches the boys a lot of important kitchen skills. (Coach is an excellent cook-thank goodness! This momma's version of dinner would be cold cereal or pizza.)  We have used Raddish For Kids to help the boys learn even more skills in the kitchen and beyond.

Future Christian Homemaker's Handbook:  This book is out of print but available used on Amazon. Several viewers recommended this resource for learning essential life skills.

American Heritage Girls:  Several viewers and friends have daughter who participate in this program. It looks like a great opportunity for girls to learn more about faith, service, and fun.

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Next week, we will be chatting about one of my favorite things-HOMESCHOOL PLANNING!

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