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If you struggle with homeschool mom guilt, anxiety, or self-doubt, here are 7 useful tips to help you trust in yourself & the homeschool process.

7 Helpful Tips to Trust in the Homeschool Process

  Worry.  Guilt.  Self-doubt. Are these negative thoughts and feelings that prevent you from enjoying your homeschool adventures? Too often, I experience these negatives in my homeschool process. And I talk with other homeschool moms who struggle with the same stuff. Personally, I put on a good act.  Pretend that all is well and just […] Read more…

How To Effectively Use Amazon Prime Video For Homeschool

  I love finding new ways to rock my homeschool and save money.  Sharing these new tips and resources with you makes me want to throw on some 80s’ tunes and jam!  The best scenario:  when you and I can rock our homeschools, save money, and provide resources that our kids will love.  Boom! Are […] Read more…

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