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12 Free Writing Prompts for Kids Who Love to Move!

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Getting kids to write can be a challenge, especially if they like to move. Instead of fighting that energy, make it easy on yourself and use these free writing prompts.

Your kids will have a blast and you'll feel like a rock star 😉

Instead of fighting your kids when it comes to writing, help them channel their energy! These free writing prompts are perfect for kids who like to move. Make creative writing fun!

These free writing prompts are an easy, fun, and affordable way to boost learning fun with your kids. These 12 printable prompts are fantastic for kids who love to move. You can also use these free writing prompts for:

  • snow day fun
  • rainy day fun
  • homeschool brain breaks
  • conversation starters
  • fun party activity
  • homeschool co-op
  • any time you want to have easy fun with kids!

Ashley from The Homeschool Resource Room shares these creative ways to use these free writing prompts with your kids. I love how she pairs writing with movement activities-wonderful for kinesthetic learners!

And don't miss her other fabulous writing prompt resources mentioned at the end of this post 😉

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Free Writing Prompts for Kids

In our homeschool, we started using writing prompts once a week... until my son started asking for more!

Now, we're using a daily writing prompt to get our creative juices flowing. There are so many benefits to using writing prompts for kids. And they don't have to be complicated!

The key to getting kids writing is to make it personal and fun. Taking a little inspiration from real-life events can lead to fun and engaging writing experiences.

Let's talk about five super simple, go-to writing prompts that you can make up on-the-fly:

1) Journal Style Writing Prompts

One of the easiest ways to get my kids writing is to give them some real-life inspiration.

For us, this can mean a trip to the aquarium, a fun board game, or a day at the park. After these kinds of experiences, I ask my children to write about their favorite part or the funniest thing that happened, journal style.

The latest research shows that keeping a journal is an effective way to decrease stress for all of us. I love exposing my kiddos to this in a way that feels natural and fun. I hope they continue with the practice of journaling long after they have mom around, asking them to write.

2) Make Some Plans!

Honestly, my children are happy to write when it comes to planning our day. They see me do it in my planner, so I think it makes them feel grown up and responsible to “plan” their day as well. Monday morning "planner time" is a family favorite!

On days where we have a lot planned, writing it down helps with transitions and creates excitement around what’s to come. When we're having an average day, I often challenge them to write what they would rather be doing.

Their imaginative and creative ideas (like going to the Lego facility in Denmark?!) become a great conversation piece and are a ton of fun.

3) Write about Your Dreams

This is also an effective and interesting way to get kids started writing and have fun in the process. Sometimes, this type of writing touches upon their dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, they write about their actual dreams from last night.

Either way, dreams will get them started writing. My experience has been, once they start recording their dreams, it’s hard to get them to stop!

4) List-Style Writing Prompts

I love the idea of my children making their own lists for a variety of reasons.

It prepares them in a very real and natural way to organize their tasks and plans using a skill that they'll be able to take with them into adulthood.

The second reason is a more hidden benefit because it makes a profound difference at home. If you have a child who struggles with transitions, having him make a list of the things that need to be done for the day can help. Writing practice and easier transitions? Win!!!

We make lists of favorite things, lists of places we want to go, lists of things we want to do. We make cleaning and grocery lists, too.

Just be careful, though, or your grocery list will be a long list of candy, pie, and pancakes...

5) Turn Your Kid's Favorite Movie, Show, or Game into a Writing Prompt!

Seriously, this is the absolute most painless way to get my kids writing.

Do your kiddos just looooove to tell you every single detail (and I mean every single one) of their favorite movie? (Ask me how much I know about the LEGO Batman movie…)

Why not have them write the details of the story instead?

A favorite episode of a TV show, movie, or even a video game can be a great writing topic for our children. It allows them to practice their storytelling abilities in a way that is fun and also easier than starting from scratch.

Work with your kids\' energy to make writing fun! These free writing prompts are excellent ways to get kids moving and writing about their experiences.

12 Free Writing Prompts for Kids Who Love to Move!

Just in case you need a little inspiration, I've gathered a few of our favorite interactive writing prompts from our monthly writing prompt calendars. You can find all our free writing prompts calendars on this post.

These free writing prompts will get your kids moving, laughing, and writing - with no extra creativity needed from you! Just cut along the dotted lines and stash them in a jar for the next time your planned writing activity goes south!

Your kids will have a blast with these free writing prompts for kids who like to move.
Smiley doing the Chicken Dance before his writing fun.

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Click HERE or on the image below to subscribe and get started with these free writing prompts for kids who like to move!!Help your kids channel their energy with these free writing prompts for kids who like to move.

Getting kids to slow down and write can be a challenge!
What other struggles do you have when it comes to getting your kids to write?

Ashley Fox is a working mom of three, avid planner, and homeschool enthusiast. She is the founder of The Homeschool Resource Room website where she provides educational resources, information, and support for homeschool families.

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