Conversation Starters

Would you like build relationships with your kids as you develop strong connections and create special memories? Open up the lines of communication with conversation starters!

These free printable prompts are awesome ways to have easy and fun chats with kids. The prompts are based on monthly, seasonal, and fun holidays. Use these prompts for sparking fun discussions or writing activities.

Conversation starters are easy ways to have fun chats with your kids. Use these free printable prompts to help you get started!

Each month of conversation starters contains 28 prompts for fun chats or writing activities. You can leave these printables as is or cut into strips for a fun way to randomly talk about fun holiday and seasonal topics that month.

ALSO, we have Growth Mindset Conversation Starters printables!! Use these prompts and activities to spark delightful discussions with your kids about growth mindset concepts like courage, self-esteem, perseverance, and more.

Free Printable Growth Mindset Conversation Cube

Boost your growth mindset lessons and discussions with this free printable Growth Mindset Topics Cube. Awesome hands-on way to use interactive fun to spark conversations.
Get your free printable January Conversation Starters for great ways to connect with kids.

January Conversation Starters

Encourage listening & communication skills with these free printable February Conversation Starters for family & homeschool fun.

February Conversation Starters

Have some great fun with your kids with these free March Conversation Starters!

March Conversation Starters

free printable April conversation starters with mother and daughter smiling at each other

April Conversation Starters

free printable May conversation starters

May Conversation Starters

free printable June conversation starters

June Conversation Starters

free printable July conversation starters

Free July Conversation Starters

Have fun chats with kids using these free printable August conversation starters.

Free August Conversation Starters

free printable September conversation starters

Free September Conversation Starters

Free October Conversation Starters

free printable October conversation starters

Free November Conversation Starters

free printable November conversation starters

FREE December Conversation Starters

free printable December conversation starters

How can conversation starters help you enjoy fun chats with your kids?

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