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Halloween Snacks for Kids: 16 Yummy Treats with Fun Animal Themes

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Looking for fun and easy Halloween snacks for kids? You'll love these 16 animal-themed treats that are perfect for spooky snacks at home.

From creepy spiders to cute owls, these creative treats will delight kids of all ages. Make snack time fun with these adorable and delicious recipes!

Variety of animal-themed Halloween snacks for kids.

Creative Treats to Boost Your Halloween Fun

If you have a Halloween party coming up (or just want some cool ways to celebrate with your kids), special treats and snacks are the way to go.

And the good news is that those yummy goodies can be easy to make!

Over the years, I've loved making and enjoying different types of food with my boys as we celebrate and learn. We've had such a blast with our holiday-themed poetry teatimes, unit studies, and fun days.

I've discovered that it really helps to get my boys involved in planning our homeschool fun activities, especially holiday celebrations.

So, we sat down and chatted about our ideas for Halloween fun for this year. My youngest is dressing up as a gorilla. And my other younger boy's costume is going to be a DIY spider (he loves thinking outside the box!). We decided that some animal themes would be super cool for our homeschool Halloween celebration.

Examples of animal-themed Halloween snacks for kids.

16 Animal-Themed Halloween Snacks for Kids 

These Halloween treat ideas with animal themes are incredibly creative ways to boost your holiday celebration.

1. Black Cat Cupcakes by The Simple Sweet Life

Indulge in the cuteness and flavor of black cat cupcakes, featuring Oreo ears and a decadent chocolate buttercream frosting. Perfect for Halloween snack time 🐈‍⬛

2. RITZ Crackers Spiders by Two Kids and a Coupon

Get ready for some Halloween fun with these easy-to-make RITZ cracker spider snacks. Perfect for little ones who want a tasty treat without the scare factor 🕷

3. No-Bake Owl Cookies by Dancing Through the Rain

Whip up these adorable no-bake owl cookies with Oreos and frosting. Perfect for Halloween or any occasion. Easy recipe for all to enjoy 🦉

4. Strawberry And Chocolate Fudge Mice by Simple Living Recipes

Make these strawberry and chocolate fudge mice, a Halloween treat that's both easy to create and visually intriguing. Bite into them for a spooky surprise 🐁

Variety of animal-themed Halloween snacks for kids (and treats) like spider cookies, fruit bat kebabs, owl cookies, and more.

5. Oreo Spider Cookies by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Learn how to create Oreo spider cookies. Impress your family with 3D spiders made from candy, while keeping it simple, so kids can join in the fun 🕷

6. Bat Frosting Board by Arkansas Girls

Put together a bat-shaped frosting board and a scrumptious cookie assortment for kids. A visually stunning and tasty snack 🦇

7. Spiderweb Cookies by Lane & Grey Fare

Get ready for Halloween with these easy spiderweb cookies! Made with just two ingredients, they're perfect for snacks. Plus, these cookies are gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, and can be made vegan 🕸

8. Black Cat Cookies by My Happy Bakes

Try these spooky Black Cat Cookies, made with black cocoa powder for a hauntingly delicious flavor. No food coloring is needed.

Variety of Halloween snacks for kids like fruit bat kebabs, spider pizzas, bat cookie board, owl cookies, and more.

9. Black Cat Halloween Bark by Mom Foodie

Keep the black cat theme going with this Halloween bark. This easy-to-make snack is perfect for all ages. Simply spread melted candy melts over parchment paper and drizzle with contrasting colors.

10. Fruit Bat Skewer Tutorial by Tikkodi

Need a healthy Halloween snack idea? Try these fruit bat skewers. They have fruits with Halloween colors like blackberries, green grapes, and cantaloupes.

11. Mini Halloween Spider Pizzas by Emily Leary 

Get creative with snack time and make some mini Halloween spider pizzas. Crafted swiftly using pantry staples, these mini pizzas are adorned with a delectable sauce, cheese, and captivating spider-shaped black olives.

12. Spooky Spider Eggs by Unique Gifter

Turn boring deviled eggs into a spooky Halloween snack. The spiders made out of olives take this snack to the next level. 

13. Cinnamon Spritz Owl Cookies by The Monday Box

Indulge in the cuteness and flavor of cinnamon spritz owl cookies. These buttery treats are infused with cinnamon and baked to perfection. Use a cookie press to make a batch in no time.

14. Halloween Hot Dog Spiders by The Jam Jar Kitchen

Get ready to spook your kids with these Halloween hot dog spiders. You only need three ingredients to prepare this Halloween snack.

15. Spider Donuts Halloween Snack Idea by Hunny I’m Home

Whip up these cute spider donuts for a fun Halloween breakfast! Simple to make with just four ingredients.

16. Binx Marshmallow Fudge Brownies by For the Love of Food

Make some rich and fudgy Hocus Pocus inspired brownies, topped with gooey marshmallows and a cute Binx treat. So simple to make that the kids will be clamoring to help.

Variety of animal-themed Halloween snacks and treats with black cat icon.

Halloween Snacks for Kids for the Win!

Take your holiday fun to the next level with some super cool treats with animal themes.

I encourage you to talk with your kids about other animals (popular for Halloween or not) that would be fantastic for snacks.

What are some other Halloween snacks for kids that you've enjoyed or plan on making? Please share your ideas in the comments area at the bottom of this post!

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