Mixing With The Masters: Fun & Hands-On Art Your Kids Will Love

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Discover why this fun and hands-on art course featuring mixed media with the masters will be a hit with your kids & teens. Affordable, effective, & flexible, this art course will help you rock your homeschool art!!


Hands-on art has been an integral part of our family. From birth, my boys have been involved in activities like crafts (baby handprints are so cute!). Creative projects with art materials have provided hours of learning fun and endless home decor for our family and friends.

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I am super excited to share this amazingly fun and hands-on mixed media art workshop for kids and teens! Alicia Gratehouse has added this delightful course to her collection of art and homeschool treasures. Read on why I am doing a happy dance to add this gem to our homeschool treasure chest!

Mixing with the Masters Mixed Media Workshop, Volume One

When we began our homeschool adventures about five years ago, I knew that I wanted to include a variety of approaches to teaching art appreciation and artist study. Although I struggle to draw a stick figure, I have always enjoyed art and wished for more instruction in my youth. As a mom, I knew that I wanted to help my kids develop a love and appreciation of art.

I noticed the my two older boys had a rather stilted and negative experience with "art" during their public school days. "Art" was expected to be cookie cutter projects that were supposed to look alike for all students. Captain (13), our fella who loves to dive into hands-on projects with a variety of media, exhibited clear signs that his earlier creative interests were squashed. Professor (11) expressed his personal fears of "doing art wrong".

Overwhelmed as a new homeschooler, I had no idea what direction to turn for a quality art curriculum. I checked out a variety of books from our local library and read stories about famous artists to the boys. Also, I created art appreciation cards to use a means of art study.

After talking with my older boys about their homeschool goals for the upcoming year, we decided that we wanted a more hands-on course. Captain, Professor, and Smiley (7) all love to create and discover their hidden talents. The problem:  I had no idea where to find an affordable, quality art course that all of my older boys could use!

Mixing With The Masters, Vol. 1:  Fun & Hands-On Art

Dear, sweet Alicia came to my rescue! When I heard about the opportunity to review and share her new Mixing With The Masters, Vol. 1 art course, I jumped at it! I had seen her other art courses and confess to drooling over how simply wonderful they look.

There is just so much juicy goodness to share about this mixed media art workshop!

  1.  Fun & Hands-On Art:  Your kids and teens will have the opportunity to tap into their creativity as they work to recreate famous pieces of art.
  2. Supplement to Charlotte Mason Art Appreciation and/or Artist Study:  We have been doing a relaxed version of art appreciation. I love how easily this course supplements our earlier studies. It will be like taking it to the next level!
  3. Part of a Unit Study:  More information will be provided throughout the lessons to create a more comprehensive learning experience.
  4. Video Lessons:  Momma gets a break! I can sit back and watch the videos designed to demonstrate and instruct. Bonus points!
  5. Flexible:  The boys and I can access and use the course at our convenience. With a house of five boys ages toddler to teen, we need all the flexibility that we can get!
  6. Materials List:  I love to plan and be organized. A materials list is a must-have for this busy mom!
  7. Lifetime Access:  That's right-more bang for your buck! You may also purchase workshops separately if you desire.

I will be sharing more about Mixing With The Masters on Periscope!  Make sure to follow @AmyMilcic to get notifications when my live social broadcast is on for my review and more information about this hands-on art.

You simply can't go wrong with such an affordable and easy art curriculum for your kids and teens.

Early registration price lasts until end of July. Sign up now & get in on this great deal before August 1!

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