9 Reasons Families Will Love This Internet Safety Device

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Read more about these 9 reasons families will love this internet safety device. Circle With Disney is an affordable and easy to use way to monitor and filter internet usage.

Internet safety is one of my biggest concerns as my boys get older.  I want to give them the freedom to learn from all of the amazing educational sites and apps out there. I do not, however, want them exposed to inappropriate content or individuals.

I want my boys to learn how to safely navigate the internet, as well as how to self-limit their usage. In my ideal world, my family would stick to old-fashioned means of learning and entertainment like books. Reluctantly, I accept the fact that our modern world has been taken over with technology. It is my hope that my boys learn to responsibly manage and benefit from the internet.

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With 5 boys ages 2-13, life can be busy. Homeschooling, sports, and church activities keep us on the go. As much as I would love to be able to sit down and monitor every single app and site that my boys view, I just can not.

After our homeschool Morning Gathering time, my older boys like to spread out through the house. Captain (13) is often found reading, draped over our blue love seat, snuggling our puppy, Cooper. Professor (10) immediately dashes off to our office where he gets to work, ticking off completed assignments. My younger three boys are left at our dining room/homeschool table area to listen to lessons and do hands-on activities.

I bebop from boy to boy, helping and redirecting when necessary. My older boys often use ebooks on sites like Kindle and Epic. If they complete their assigned readings, they are allowed to play educational apps or sites until I can get caught up.

Unfortunately, I noticed that they tended to veer towards YouTube and Google searches. While these types of internet activities can be quite educational, all too often inappropriate content can pop up. Thank goodness, we have never had a specific reason for concern. I have just read and heard too many internet horror stories and wanted a way to safely monitor and limit internet usage.

Check out this affordable device for monitoring and limiting internet usage for your family. Circle With Disney is simple to set up and use.

Internet Safety Device To The Rescue!

When I had the opportunity to apply to be an affiliate for Circle With Disney, I jumped at the chance! I knew our family would benefit from an internet device that could provide control of usage and safety. Being technologically challenged, I felt overwhelmed at options and even at what to look for.

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My husband read more about this device and emphatically agreed that we need to give it a try. He is typically very hesitant about any new tech. Coach will research up and down, creating a lengthy list of pros and cons. I felt confident when he approved that we could make this work.

Circle With Disney is an affordable device that will help your family monitor internet usage and safety.

When our package arrived, Coach quickly set it up. He added all the devices in our home (geez, I never new it added to that much!), even TV and cable. A tech geek, Coach was in his happy place, humming a little tune as he placed limits and filters on all devices.

Limit internet usage at bedtime with Circle With Disney. This affordable and easy to use device will help your family find peace of mind for internet usage.

9 Reasons Your Family Will Love This Internet Safety Device

  1.  Simple Set-Up:  I was shocked at how easy it was to get Circle With Disney to work. Even I, a self-declared technophobe, could manage it.
  2. Wirelessly manages all devices from 1 app:  This is, by far, my favorite aspect of this internet safety device! It is so easy for me to add filters, monitor content, and make adjustments according to our schedule and boys' behavior.
  3. Filter content:  Super simple to allow or deselect specific sites, as well as age restrictions.
  4. Limit screen time: You can easily select screen time limits in 15 minute increments. Once time is up, device shuts down.
  5. Pause internet usage:  I like this one! If my boys still have time left but need to do a chore or other task, I can hit the pause button on my free Circle With Disney app.
  6. Set bedtime:  This component has been helpful with my older boys. They will often use their iPads or iPhones to read before bed. As much as I want to encourage them to read, growing boys need their sleep-and Circle With Disney has helped us to make sure that happens.
  7. Insights into what kids are viewing:  From my app, I can see what apps and sites my boys have been using. I can adjust filter content accordingly.
  8. MyCircle page:  Each family member has access to a personal dashboard, Disney videos, memes, games, and more.
  9. Affordable:  All of these benefits in one device for only a one-time fee of $99! Incredible value for that type of peace of mind!

Managing screen time has never been easier! Circle With Disney is an affordable and simple way to monitor internet usage.

I truly can not say enough about how much Circle With Disney has helped our family. I had not realized how much screen time had snuck into our daily lives. We have been able to easily limit usage and make more time to spend as a family. The greatest benefit has been my peace of mind knowing that I have greater control over what my boys are exposed to on the internet.

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Easily manage every device in your home. Circle With Disney is an affordable way to wirelessly monitor internet usage.


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