How To Make Frugal Magnetic Words & More For Learning Fun!

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Here is a fabulous frugal way to create your own magnetic words, letters, numbers, & more!


Here's a fantastic DIY way to have frugal magnetic words and more for tons of learning fun!

Having an arsenal of hands-on learning materials is extremely helpful in homeschooling. Applying DIY and frugal approaches to putting together this learning fun arsenal helps your homeschool budget and confidence as a homeschooler.

I am so excited to share this frugal learning tool that I created to correspond with my boys' homeschool work. I love how you can customize this tool to perfectly fit reading, math, and other current subject areas. Also, it is is so easy to color code which adds another element to make remembering the concept easier.

Smiley and Bear are using Brave Writer's The Wand. We love this writing and reading curriculum that breaks down steps necessary to teach the presented concepts. I feel much more confident in my approach to homeschooling while still having freedom and flexibility to adjust as needed.

One of the suggested activities for helping beginning readers and learners is to use post-it notes. This approach is so affordable and effective! Of course, I had to tweak it a bit for our homeschool (as I often do!)

Using frugal DIY magnetic letters for learning to spell name is super learning fun!
Bear using frugal magnetic letters to practice spelling name. (with Smiley as teacher)

Both boys enjoy using our cheap plastic magnetic letters and numbers on old baking trays. While these plastic magnets have been fine for learning letter sounds and number recognition, they do take up a lot of space. As the boys progress in their reading and writing, I knew that I would need a smaller alternative as they create sentences and more.

With a limited homeschool budget, I started to browse around in search for magnetic words. Although not terribly expensive, pre-made versions of these words were more than I wanted to spend. What's a creative momma to do?

Here is a frugal way for hands-on learning fun for kids! Simple steps with few materials to make magnetic words, letters, numbers, & more!


DIY Frugal Magnetic Words, Letters, Numbers, & More!

I did what I always do-raid my craft supplies stash! I found several materials that could work to make this learning tool effective, fun, and frugal. I kept it simple and used the following materials:

I cut paper to fit different lengths of magnetic tape. After peeling off the adhesive paper, I gently pressed the paper to cover the adhesive area. I took my Sharpie marker and list of words that the boys are learning. I wrote their words on the paper and placed the word magnets under a heavy book for a few hours to help them stay flat.

Another way to reuse the same magnetic word, letter, or other learning concept is to use pencil. Simply erase the word or number and add a new one.  Save money and resources!

Voilá! Frugal magnetic words customized for my boys' current book of study from The Wand!


Frugal approach to creating hands-on learning tools for kids. Just a few materials and you can create customized magnetic words, letters, numbers amp more!


Many Ways To Customize Frugal Magnetic Words

There are so many ways that you can use these DIY learning magnets! Think about the subjects that your kids are learning. What concepts in their studies could be placed on magnets and manipulated to boost learning?

My boys love to use frugal DIY magnetic words, letters, and more for homeschool learning fun.
Smiley & Bear using Frugal Magnetic words for learning fun with Brave Writer's The Wand.

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  • Reading & Writing
    • Letter recognition & sounds
    • Sight words
    • Word families
    • Spelling
    • Forming sentences
    • Poetry
    • Diagramming
    • Sequencing
  • Math
    • Number recognition
    • Basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
    • Shape recognition
  • History
    • Important dates
    • Timelines
    • Matching famous people & events
  • Science
    • Definitions
    • Periodic Table
    • Binomial classification
    • Atoms
    • Astronomy
  • Music
    • Notes
    • Symbols
    • Lyrics
  • Foreign Languages
    • Match English word to foreign language word
    • Recognition
    • Spelling
    • Pronunciation
  • Art
    • Colors
    • Artists/Genres
  • Faith/Bible
    • Books of the Bible
    • Bible characters
    • Memorization verses (individual words to arrange)
    • Words to prayers
  • Geography
    • States/Capitols Matching
    • Countries/Capitols
    • Country/Continent

Here is a fantastic frugal way to create magnetic letters, words, numbers & more!

How will you use your Frugal Magnetic Words + More learning tools in your homeschool?

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