Hope for Being a More Patient Homeschool Mom

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Being a more patient homeschool mom is one of the #1 wishes of many homeschoolers.

You may feel like you have zero patience or just weren't born to be a patient person. 

Let's debunk some common myths about what it means to be a patient homeschooler, as well as discover how to learn the 10 Common Habits of Patient Homeschool Moms.

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Do You Struggle with Being Patient? You're NOT Alone!

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Is that how you've been feeling lately in your homeschool?

Like you are holding yourself together with a very thin string that's about ready to snap?

Patience level at about a -3?

Yeah, I got that. Homeschool life is not for the weak of heart or body. Every now and again, we all tend to lose it.

But, what happens when that every now and again is more like every day? Or every hour? Or all the time?

If you're being honest with yourself, are you the patient homeschool mom you'd like to be?

It's okay to answer no. Really. Honestly. I'm not asking you to scream it to the world. A simple silent yes is sufficient.

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What's So Important About Being a Patient Homeschool Mom

When you're having one of those days (like we all do), it can really screw up how you function.

You know, one of those days when you've barely opened your eyes and the kids are screaming and the dog needs to go out and you remember that you have co-op and forgot to get the snack ready and you have no groceries and promised your daughter that you'd make pancakes for breakfast.

Whew! What type of mood does that type of morning usually put you in?

If you're like many homeschool moms that I know, that type of crazy can set you spinning on a downward spiral of impatience. One where it's like everyone in your path better hold on for dear life because who knows when and where you're going to fly off the handle.

And what happens when you flip your lid?  Kids shut down. You feel horrible. Nothing productive gets done.

The occasional flare-up of impatience is normal. Hey, you're human.

Problems arise when those flare-ups start happening much more frequently. And you feel like you can't stop because you're stressed, overwhelmed, and angry.

Smiling mom holding book & sitting close to son who is smiling & holding pen

I completely understand. I've been there. I'm not a naturally patient person and have been known to go ape on my boys and husband and anyone else within a five-foot radius.

I decided that I had enough. That's not the type of mom I wanted to be. And that's definitely now why I started homeschooling.

I didn't want to feel overwhelmed and stressed out and like I had to do everything for everyone all the time.

Why did I start homeschooling?  I wanted what's best for my family and myself. I wanted to create a positive, relaxed, and enriched learning environment.

I needed to step up my game and learn how to do this patient thing!

Fortunately, I had my education and career background (mental health counseling) to fall back on. I knew what I needed to do. I just had to do it and make it stick.

Guess what? You can, too.


Discover the 10 Habits of Patient Homeschool Moms & how you can use to be on the path to homeschool peace.

No More Regrets

Why are YOU homeschooling?  You want to watch your kids learn and grow, see the joy in their eyes as they master a new concept. Support them as they test out theories and develop skills.

How can you do that if you are flipping out every other minute? Well, it's possible but it sure makes for a pretty strained experience and relationship.

You want to connect with your kids. You want to be there for them and encourage them to explore ideas.

If you're tired of missing out on precious time with your kids because you lost it when your homeschool day didn't go the way you wanted it to, there is hope.

If you're tired of feeling rushed and like there's never enough of you to go around, there is hope.

If you're tired of snapping at your kids and reacting in ways that are more like your toddler than like an adult, there is hope.

I'm not saying that you will need to fundamentally change who you are. You are enough and can rock your homeschool.  What I'm saying is that you may need to change a few not-so-positive reactions to situations that cause you distress.

And that's okay. Because you totally can!

You have the power to be a more patient homeschool mom. You truly do. The power resides within you.  

Discover the 10 Habits of Patient Homeschool Moms in this free quick-start guide to put you on the path to homeschool peace.

Discover how you can learn and master these 10 habits of patient homeschool moms.


With greater awareness and a bit of work, you can be the patient homeschool mom you want to be, living with no regrets and enjoying your homeschool lifestyle.

How could you benefit from learning to be a more patient homeschool mom?


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