Free October Doodle Prompts for Homeschool Fun

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Get your free instant download of October Doodle Prompts for homeschool fun. Easy way to boost homeschooling and create special memories with your kids.

Get your homeschool ready for an outstanding October with these free daily doodle prompts. These drawing activities are easy ways for you to add fun to your homeschool day. Read on to learn more about how to use doodle prompts to boost your homeschool or scroll down to access your free instant download!

Why October Doodle Prompts?

October is an awesome time of year to add fun activities to your homeschool. This month has lots of special days and events to recognize and celebrate.

New to daily doodle prompts? No worries! These simple prompts are gentle ways to inspire and encourage your kids to pick up a drawing utensil and get creative.

Doodle prompts can be used:

  • during homeschool morning time
  • for brain breaks
  • as a motivation for completing work
  • any time of day!

One of the reasons that my boys love doodle prompts is the opportunity for self-expression in a non-competitive way. I remind the boys to not overthink the prompt and just doodle whatever comes to mind. We then discuss their drawings and why they chose to draw what they did. Great conversation starters!

Personally, I love these October doodle prompts because they are a stress-free way to boost our homeschool. With the free printable sheet (see below) added to my homeschool planner, all I have to do is glimpse down for an instant homeschool brain break that all ages can do.

I also love the special shared moments that I have with my boys over doodle prompts. I join in the doodling fun as often as possible and love the chat with my boys about my drawings. I've been pleasantly surprised at the stress relief this exercise brings!

Free Instant Download of October Doodle Prompts

All you need to get started with doodling fun in your homeschool is paper and pencil, pens, crayons, or markers.

Click on the image below to access, download, and print your free October Daily Doodle Prompts for Homeschool Fun!

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