Free Homeschool Fun Challenge That Kids of All Ages Will Love

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Want an EASY way to have daily HOMESCHOOL FUN? Join our FREE challenge that will spark creativity with simple hands-on learning fun with zero prep work! Learn more & grab your free printable.


I am super pumped up to share this free homeschool fun challenge! With daily prompts on a free printable, this simple activity only requires 2 materials and not a lot of time.  In addition to the numerous benefits from the learning fun your kids will experience, your homeschool will be building memories for years to come.

Excited to find out what this challenge is? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting with bated breath to discover how you can add an easy daily homeschool fun activity without spending money?

The new homeschool fun challenge is...DAILY DOODLE PROMPTS!

Super simple and cost effective, daily doodle prompts for homeschool fun also require little time.





Ready to sign up and add this to your arsenal of homeschool fun activities?

If you can't wait another second, go ahead and scroll down to get your
FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD OF Printable Homeschool Fun Doodle Prompts for February 2017.

What are Daily Doodle Prompts?

They are quite simple. Each day will have a prompt, usually one word or short phrase. Based on this prompt, participants (your kids and you) will doodle.

To clarify what I mean by doodle, here is my definition:  a simple sketch or drawing, typically with one writing utensil, that is a representation of one's present thoughts and feelings. Doodles can be purposeful (like with a prompt) or freely drawn.

Doodles are what you want them to be. There are no prescribed steps or outcomes. Each doodle will be unique, just like its creator.

Join our HOMESCHOOL FUN challenge! Find out how this simple, effective, and free daily activity can spark creativity & so much more! Includes FREE printable + video demonstrations.

The Beauty of Daily Doodle Prompts for Homeschool Fun

Are you thinking that daily doodle prompts are just too easy? That homeschool fun has to be more complicated and cost money. Perhaps you think you need to do a ton of prep work in order to have just a few minutes of quality learning fun with your kids?

Let's just answer all those doubts with a big ol' NO!

Homeschool fun can be super easy! You do not need a lot of fancy materials or resources. All you need is the right inspiration and free printable (hint! hint!) and you will be on the road to happy homeschool fun!

Your kids will gain these benefits from joining our homeschool fun challenge with daily doodle prompts:

  • inspiration for creativity
  • greater imagination
  • safe and appropriate activity for keeping hands busy
  • opportunity for narration of story related to doodle
  • potential to reduce anxiety
  • decrease in perfectionism
  • self-expression of thoughts and feelings

All of that with a simple doodle? Absolutely! Give it a try in your homeschool and see for yourself:)

Add sparkle to your homeschool learning fun with our daily doodle prompts. Get your free instant download now for February!

Ways To Use Daily Doodle Prompts in Your Homeschool

  1. Create guidelines-or don't:  You know your homeschool best. Would your kids benefit from helpful reminders like using positive words to describe others' doodles or minimum amount of time to doodle?
  2. Timed or unlimited:  Choose according to your schedule or routine plus your children's temperaments.
  3. Use during read alouds
  4. During quiet time
  5. To go with our monthly homeschool fun calendars
  6. Part of your homeschool art
  7. If your child blanks, talk about what the prompt represents, provide an example, or let them doodle whatever!
  8. Watch our short daily video on Rock Your Homeschool Facebook Page or YouTube for demonstration of prompt
  9. Share your kids' doodle prompts using #hsfundoodle and #homeschoolfun

To start your homeschool fun challenge using daily doodle prompts, subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool. You will receive February Daily Doodle Prompts printable page, weekly email updates, and subscriber's only access to all RYHS free printables.

Click on the image below for your FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD
of February Daily Doodle Prompts printable!

thumbnail of February Daily Doodle Prompts


I will be sharing a tutorial on an easy and frugal way to make custom kids notebooks for kids that will be perfect for saving doodle prompts. Also, if you would like to learn more about doodling skills, I highly recommend this affordable book on drawing techniques that my boys and I use.

How do you think this easy daily homeschool activity will bless your homeschool?


More Daily Doodle Prompts for Homeschool Fun are here:



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