Planning your homeschool can be fun – when you have a planner and resources that work for you 😉

Find tips, ideas, and resources for picking a homeschool planner that you’ll love (and actually use!).

woman using laptop for a digital homeschool planner called Syllabird
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5 Fantastic Benefits of Using a Digital Homeschool Planner

A digital homeschool planner can be a smart way to boost your learning adventures at home. With the right online homeschool planning resource, you’ll be able to easily organize, plan, and schedule so you can relax and make the most of these special times with your kids. Find out why I’ve switched to online homeschool…

Smiling mom & daughter dancing in their living room to feature how you can use these 7 smart & simple ideas to prep for a successful homeschool week
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7 Smart & Simple Ways to Prep for a Successful Homeschool Week

  Get smart about how you prepare for a successful homeschool week. With these simple ideas and tips, you’ll only need a bit of time and planning to make learning at home enjoyable for all 🙂     That Time I Decided I Didn’t Need to Prep for Our Homeschool Week There is one thing…

You can master your homeschool planning! Put Your Homeschool Year on Autopilot course & resources will help you create plans you'll use and enjoy.
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The Best Way to Master Your Homeschool Planning

Master your homeschool planning. Become a homeschool planner ninja. Or at least stop wasting time, money, and energy trying to figure out all this homeschool planning stuff so you can get on with enjoying your homeschooling adventures! You don’t need to fritter away hours overthinking and overcomplicating it all. Feel better about your homeschool year…

Picking a homeschool planner doesn't have to be overwhelming. Discover how to pick the best homeschool planner that works for you! This busy homeschool soccer mom & planner girl shares about types of planners, tips on selection, & the best place to help you find your homeschool planning groove.
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How to Pick the Best Homeschool Planner That Works for You

  Looking for the best homeschool planner for you but confused about all the options out there? Let’s sort through the different types of homeschool planners plus look at tips and tricks for making your planner work for you 🙂   Overcome Homeschool Planner Overwhelm! Finding the best homeschool planner that will work for you…

Tired of stressing over the struggles of not getting homeschool work done? Find out why you need to be flexible in your homeschool planning and how it can help you create a relaxed homeschool atmosphere.
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Why You Need to Be Flexible In Your Homeschool Planning

  How often does one of your homeschool days go as perfectly as you planned it? If you’re like many homeschool moms, you’re spitting out your water (Oh, who am I kidding? Coffee because caffeine!) and hysterically laughing at the very idea. Experienced homeschool moms have learned that homeschooling does not always equate to leading…