Free Pokemon Blank Lists For Spelling & More!

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Do you have students who love Pokemon? Kids who are Pokemon crazy? Get your FREE Pokemon blank lists. Numbered in 10, 15, and 20 lists, these free printable pages will motivate & excite for learning fun in a variety of subject areas.

Do you have kids who love Pokemon? Students who talk about Pikachu and the gang? Why not use their interests to excited their learning?

Here are free printable Pokemon Blank Lists For Spelling & More! Use to add fun to recording, practicing, and testing spelling words. Available in 10, 15, & 20 count blank lists, these printable pages are a fantastic was to get your kids pumped up for spelling or for however you choose to use them!

Are you a teacher or homeschooler with students who love Pokemon? Get your FREE Pokemon Blank Lists for use with spelling words & more!

My boys have been interested in Pokemon for years. My mom's Kindergarten aide introduced Pokemon and the gang to my oldest, Captain. Her girls had been avid Pokemon card collectors and players. When they outgrew their obsession, she passed down an entire book bag full of Pokemon cards to our family.

After finding and printing out directions for how to use and play with Pokemon cards, Captain quickly discovered the joy in this game himself. He taught his younger brothers as they got older so all could join in the fun. With the recent Pokemon Go craze (which my boys have yet to play!), my boys were reminded of their collection and revisited their stash.

Smiley (7) and Bear (5) have been fascinated with learning about the different characters. Smiley has been helping Bear learn how to sound out the character names and information. I think this activity has been a wonderful way for the boys to bond and practice reading skills!

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As I prepare for our upcoming homeschool year, I had an "aha!" moment. We will be using Natural Speller for all of my school age boys. They will be working on Spelling lists each work. Each boy will have a specific number of spelling words to learn and practice each week.

To motivate and excite my boys with their spelling studies, I created these Pokemon blank lists. There are 30 of each 10, 15, and 20 blank lists. Depending on age and ability, I assign a different number of spelling words per week.

FREE Pokemon Blank Lists For Spelling & More!

Here is what will you get in your FREE Pokemon Blank Lists download:

  • 90 pages of blank Pokemon blank lists
  • 30 pages each of 10, 15, & 20 numbered blank lines with different Pokemon characters
  • Features 30 popular Pokemon characters
  • For personal or classroom use

These blank lists can be used by homeschoolers, teachers, and families to provide their kids with fun ways to learn, practice, and record spelling words in a variety of subjects.

Are you a teacher or homeschooler with students who love Pokemon? Get your FREE Pokemon Blank Lists for use with spelling words & more!


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