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How To Remember Your Blessings This Christmas

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Don\'t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays forget the true reason for the season. Use these tips to help you remember your blessings this Christmas.


The Christmas season is such an amazing time of year, right? So many fun events and activities to attend! So much family, friends, and loved ones! So many tasks, like shopping and wrapping, to check off your list!

Okay, am I the only one having a panic attack at the thought of all that?

This introvert (INFP, thank you very much!) shrinks into a tiny ball of tinsel at the thought of all the holiday parties and church events on our schedule. I strongly dislike shopping (even online shopping has been known to throw me into a fit of wailing and tears). And let's just say that I am prone to paper cuts so wrapping is no treat for this klutz (and I have mad skills at slapping on mounds of transparent tape on a gift to cover up my ineptitude at gift wrap. Drives my family crazy!)

Despite all that anxiety and stress, Christmas is my favorite time of year. How do I overcome all those thoughts of overwhelm and discomfort?  Well, friend, I have a super secret set of holiday coping tools that I am about to share with you.

How To Remember Your Blessings This Christmas

Many people find it easy to remember their blessings during the holidays. To those fortunate folks, I salute you! To those of you who are like me and need all the help they can muster to enjoy, nay, love the holidays, check these tips out:

1. Pictures

Dust off those old photo albums and start reminiscing. Look back at good times with family and friends. Talk with your kids about your special Christmas memories. Share funny stories and talk about loved ones who have passed.

2. Self-Care

Take time to take care of you. When you are feeling healthy and rested, you are much more likely to enjoy the holiday festivities. Need help creating a plan? Grab my free printable How To Make A Custom Holiday Self-Care Plan to get you started.

3. Quiet Time

Find a quiet place and reflect. Use this time to pray or meditate on the blessings in your life. Grab a pencil and paper (journal, if you keep one) and jot down your thoughts. What actions can you take to remember your blessings?

4. Sticky Notes

After your quiet time, write down your blessings on sticky notes and plaster them around your home. (You might want to use red and green to be festive. Just saying!)  Read a reminder and hug it to your heart as your repeat it out loud.

How do you remember your blessings during the holiday season? What special activities do you incorporate to stay focused on all that you are thankful for?


Sharing is caring!

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