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Isn’t it fascinating to learn about how different countries and cultures celebrate the holidays?  Food, stories, and songs have their own special parts to a major event or celebration that is recognized world-wide.  Join other homeschoolers and families as we discover traditions and customs for Christmas Around The World!

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When given the chance to pick which country to share about in this Christmas Around The World link-up, I chose Germany. My maternal great-grandmother’s (Nana Stella) family came from Germany.  I have always been fascinated with learning about my family background (which ends up being quite large-I’m a mutt) and finding out more about the history of each country.

It was interesting to learn that some of our modern day Christmas traditions are said to originate in Germany. The Christmas tree is believed to have its roots in German culture, possibly as early as 15th century.  Martin Luther, a German Christian reformer, is credited with being the first to add lighted candles to a Christmas tree.

Many Christmas carols have German origins.  “O Tannenbaum”and “Silent Night” are two popular carols.  Check out these 8 Jolly German Christmas Songs To Boost Your Holiday Spirits.

So many wonderful activities, symbols, and events for your homeschool as you learn about Christmas in Germany!   Let’s take a closer look at these five ways you can learn with your kids this holiday season.

5 Fun Ways To Learn About Christmas In Germany

1.  Baking

Many German cookies, breads, and sweets are connected with Christmas.  Lebkuchen and Pfeffernusse cookies are special treats that are often enjoyed around this time of year.  German Christmas Stollen is delicious and would be fun to make with kids. Sweets, like marzipan pigs and gingerbread houses, combine interesting symbols with stories for hands-on learning fun.

2.  Crafts

Advent calendars with pop-up windows are popular traditions in Germany.  The German Star is a popular origami-like craft for the Christmas season.  Here is a video to demonstrate:

Another fun tradition commonly associated with Germany at Christmas time is the pickle ornament.  This legend appears to be a myth as far as its relation to Germany, but is still fun!

My boys and I made our own pickle ornament to use this year.  Here is a free printable pack to get you started on making your own Christmas Pickle Ornament for a fun family tradition (and make more to give to friends!).  Includes two pages with tags to add to your ornament plus Christmas-themed hats if you want to dress your pickle up (I honestly never thought I would type those words out here!).

 Just click on the image below for a free instant download.

This Christmas Pickle craft pack is a free instant download to have fun this holiday season!

If you want to add some pizazz to your Christmas pickle, consider using materials like felt or craft foam.  Googly eyes and glitter will make this craft memorable for years to come!

3.  St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Eve (December 5) and Day (December 6) are important times in Germany.  St. Nicholas is said to ride around the countryside on a white horse.  He knows if kids have been naughty or nice.  Kids put their shoes out for St. Nicholas to fill with goodies.  If a child has been naughty, it is said that they will get switches.

To find out more about St. Nicholas, we read and recommend The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving, St. Nicholas the Wonder Worker, and The Legend of St. Nicholas.

Dianna at The Kennedy Adventures has this fabulous free printable Catholic Saints Study: Saint Nicholas.

4.  Books

My boys and I love to find books on topics that we are learning about and exploring.  We enjoyed Christmas in Today’s Germany from our local library.  Christmas Around the World and A Christmas Celebration: Traditions and Customs From Around the World were fabulous resources for our studies and activities. These books inspired my boys to do more research online and talk about their findings.

I highly encourage you to pop on over to Table Life Blog where Emily shares Christmas Around The World In 100 Books.

5.  Printables

I was thrilled to find so many awesome free printables to help us learn and celebrate Christmas Around The World! Check these resources out:

Free eBook:  Christmas Around The World (Instant Download)

Christmas In Germany Ideas For The Classroom

Free Christmas Around The World Unit Study

Free Christmas Around The World Unity Study (Free Homeschool Deals)

Christmas Around the World: Map Activity {w/free printable!}

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Christmas Around the World

Christmas in Germany

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