Teach the Sign of the Cross Necklace Craft

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Fun & frugal craft to help teach kids the proper way to pray the Catholic Sign of the Cross. Great for CCD, homeschool, VBS, and families.


This frugal and fun craft is an easy way to teach children how to do the Sign of the Cross. All materials are common household items-cardboard, yarn, markers, and stickers. Catholic children are frequently exposed to the Sign of the Cross but often have a hard time figuring out the proper sequence (at least my boys do!).  This craft is great for at home faith formation, CCD, and VBS (Vacation Bible School)!

I used this craft with success while teaching Kindergarten CCD a few years ago. When I saw Bear looking like he was an airport control man with prayers, I thought it might be a good time to break out this craft for a lesson on Sign of the Cross.

Frugal supplies to use when making this Teach the Sign of the Cross craft.Preparing For Teach The Sign Of The Cross Craft

The prep work is simple enough.  I traced a cross onto cardboard and cut out.  Skipper and Professor helped with this step. To place a small hole at the top, I used the tip of the scissors-a hole puncher would probably be safer and easier.

I used a Sharpie marker to put the numbers 1-4 for the proper sequence of the Sign of the Cross.

We took out markers, crayons, and stickers to decorate. The only advice that I gave was to not place stickers over (or color on) the numbers. Otherwise, the boys went to work!

I recommended to Bear that he use different color stickers near each number. He could use these as a guide as well.

Once the boys were done with their decorating, I had them lace a piece of yarn into the hole. We tied them on loosely and voila! Masterpiece complete!

I must warn:  Supervise your children with any type of materials placed around their necks. Never let them run around while they are wearing these Sign of the Cross necklaces.

Also, do not tie the yarn too tightly-yarn should be long enough to easily slip on and off.

While the boys were decorating their crosses, I talked about why we as Catholics use the Sign of the Cross to remind us of the Holy Trinity-the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (And it just so happened to be a great recap of this past Sunday's Holy Trinity feast day!).

I had the older boys demonstrate the proper sequence of using right hand:

  1. finger tips to fore head-"In the name of the Father,
  2. finger tips to heart-and of the Son,
  3. finger tips to left shoulder and across to right shoulder-and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

To help little ones remember to use right hand, I show them how their left thumb and pointer finger looks like an "L"-and then to use other hand.

Another great way to teach them right from left is to play the Hokey Pokey like suggested here. Playdough to Plato suggests these 6 Creative Ways to Teach Left from Right.

I have personally had success with my boys with placing a sticker on their right hand to teach them to use for Sign of the Cross.


The older boys continued to help the little ones by (patiently I might add!) practicing the prayer with them. I always remind them to behave respectfully and solemnly with prayer. Not sure if it is just my brigade, boys or kids in general but they can turn anything into goofiness!

I will have the boys wear these Sign of the Cross necklaces to practice with prayers until Bear can consistently do the proper sequence. X man just smiles at us at this point (updated:  He is now-age 2-trying to practice with us!).

I pray that this Sign of the Cross Necklace helps you in teaching your children (and students) in their Catholic faith formation. Leave a comment with how you teach this basic yet important prayer to your children (and students)!


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