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Valentine's Day Activities Based On The Day It Rained Hearts

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Valentine\'s Day activities based on The Day It Rained Hearts bookDisclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.

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One of my favorite Valentine's Day books for kids is The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond. The illustrations and storyline are adorable. The book also presents important life lessons of recycling and compassion.

As I thought about Valentine's Day learning fun for our homeschool, The Day It Rained Hearts immediately came to mind. I recognized the potential for several crafts, DIY cards, and discussion. When I fetched the book, I saw a bonus:  it would be perfect for Smiley (6) to practice his reading, comprehension, and sequencing skills!

To join in on our Valentine's Day learning fun, you can find The Day It Rained Hearts here:

I don't want to give too much away but do want you to have a grasp of the story to better understand these activities. One day, a little girl (with the most adorable name!) is out walking in the rain-when it starts to rain hearts. She gathers what she can and starts making cards for friends when home. We discover that her friends are actually animals. Each of her cards in some way reflects the animal recipient.

The Day It Rained Hearts bookValentine's Day Activities Based on The Day It Rained Hearts

Life Lessons Discussion

After Smiley finished reading this book to our family, we talked about being compassionate. Fortunately, this theme corresponded with our Virtue lesson during our Morning Gathering. When asked what compassion meant, I quickly heard answers of "being kind", "thinking of others", and "sympathy". (Whew! Sometimes I wonder if what we go over sticks-I guess so this time!)

Another important lesson found in The Day It Rained Hearts is recycling. The boys pointed out that the little girl saw potential to reuse something found in nature. I love how this book reinforces our love to go outdoors and find all sorts of fun things like rocks and sticks to use in our craft time.


Sequencing Practice

I try to include sequencing practice after reading as much as possible. This activity seems to help the boy with comprehension and recall. Smiley took the lead and successfully retold the order of events in The Day It Rained Hearts.


Music Time

If you follow along Busy Boys Brigade storytime on Periscope, you know that we love to add songs to our learning. I found some cute songs about hearts on Preschool Express. Also, I found some great Valentine's Day songs on ChildFun.


Addressing an Envelope

In the book, the little girl addresses envelopes and mail the Valentine's Day cards to her friends. I used this opportunity to introduce (or review for my older boys) the proper way to address an envelope. The boys also tried to create an envelope out of a heart shape.


Heart Tree

You will see in the book why a Heart Tree was important to include in our craft time. Captain took an empty paper towel roll and did a few spiral cuts. He gently shaped the strips into tree branches. The boys then cut out small red hearts. On the hearts, we recorded the names of a few of our special loved ones. Then, the boys glued the hearts on the tree for a sweet Valentine'd Day decoration.

Valentine\'s Day activities based on The Day It Rained Hearts book
Heart Tree, book, & Water Color Crayon Resist

Water Color Resist With Crayons Fun

The boys chose a scene from the book to recreate using crayons and water color paints. They used red crayons to draw raindrops in the shape of small hearts. Blue and black water color paints were used to give a rainy night effect.


Valentine\'s Day activities based on The Day It Rained Hearts book

Valentine's Day Cards

The boys wrapped up their Valentine's Day learning fun with recreating the cards that the little girl made. I thought they did an excellent job in their work and coining cute, coordinating phrases to match the animal.

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Have you read The Day It Rained Hearts with your kids? If not, I highly suggest you check it out. If so, I would love to hear how you use it for Valentine's Day!


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