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How to Make an Affirmations for Growth Plan

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Learn how to make affirmation work for you! Create a plan & experience growth in this FREE Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge.


WooHoo! We have now reached our final step of our Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge: How to Make Affirmations Work for You? And such fabulous work you've done πŸ™‚

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To make the most out of your affirmations for growth, you need a plan. Not necessarily a written plan. More like an approach to developing the practice of using affirmations when you need them.


To Plan or Not to Plan...For Affirmations for Growth

If you prefer to have a written plan, go for it! Use your homeschool planner or phone to set timely reminders for checking on your progress and determining if it's time to switch up affirmations.

But, I really don't want this to become just-one-more-thing-to-do. If you're busy like me, your planner is already crammed with appointments, chores, and homeschool routines. And I wouldn't want your affirmations for growth to get lost in all that πŸ˜‰ #askmehowiknow

You know yourself best. Some people thrive with written reminders. Others look at that task as just another annoyance. We want this practice to be positive for you so go with that.

Anyhoo, back to the approach. Pause and ask yourself what you need in your current life situation to remember to use and benefit from the powerful practice of affirmations.

Until you've become more familiar with the regular use of affirmations, I do encourage you to repeat your select affirmation once an hour. It really won't take that long (at most a minute) and you'll get into the good habit of hitting the pause button and resetting your thought process. If you find you need to repeat your affirmation more frequently, that's cool. It's doing what is best for your mindset πŸ™‚

Are Your Affirmations for Growth Working?

So, you've done the work. You've determined your just one thing, that primary struggle, that you'd like to work on. You've selected an affirmation that's short and meaningful. You're repeating your affirmation and feeling much better.

And maybe you're wondering just how long you need to keep this up?

Well, the choice is up to you, my friend. I strongly suggest maintaining a regular affirmation practice. It's just one skill to add to your tools of cultivating a growth mindset.

To know when you current affirmation is working, refer to your Self-Assessment for Growth printable. Take a gander at your FUTURE section. Are you thinking, feeling, and doing the way you hoped to be? If so, groovy! You're ready to move on. If that's a negative, keep working on your current affirmation. Highlight the progress you have made and build on that!


Keep Up Your Amazing Work & Reap the Positive!

This type of work on yourself doesn't always produce change overnight. That can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when you're working so hard. Hang in there and you'll see awesome results πŸ™‚

All those negative thoughts and feelings are there for a reason. Their seeds may have been planted long ago with deep roots or just recently sprouted. In any case, their presence exists for a purpose. Oh, I know they're irritating! And you're tired of having to deal with them!

But, you're a strong woman who is working hard. You want to enjoy your homeschool life and you are working on beating back the negative.

And so you shall with your affirmations for growth. Think of those nasty negatives as a moldy yuck that multiplies in dark, damp places and hinders life. Now, your affirmations are like rays of the sun, with their light and warmth zapping the strength of the yuck and allowing your life to thrive.

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I hope and pray that you have discovered the power of affirmations for growth has helped you on your growth journey. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please place them in the comments below.

Your mind is such a powerful tool that you can start using to enjoy life. Stay tuned for more Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenges to help you activate your positive thinking powers.

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