24 Free Affirmations For Homeschool Mom Growth

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**Part of Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge: Making Affirmations Work For You! starting June 25 🙂 Welcome to STEP 1 & find out more in the video found below.

Homeschool mama, I have some great news to share with you!

Want in on a secret? A secret, yet easy, way to grow as a homeschooler?

What if I told you that there is an easy way to accomplish your goals and establish positive thinking strategies?

And what if I told you that this approach doesn't need to take a lot of time each day and is FREE?

Aw, I'm soaking in all those virtual hugs and happy dances right now!

Use these 24 free printable Affirmations cards to help you work on homeschool and personal growth.

Get ready to:

  • have a positive approach to your homeschool
  • work towards and achieve your homeschool goals
  • redirect negative thoughts into positive growth
  • stop _____ (insert: yelling, rushing, stalling, dawdling, or any other negative homeschool habit)
  • start _____ (insert: better time management, peaceful communication, or any other positive homeschool habit)

Are you wondering what magic spell to cast or how much money this type of change will require? Guess what? NONE!

It's the Power of Positive!  And you can have it in your homeschool and life!

Experience the power and benefits of affirmations for homeschool mom growth. These 24 printable cards of free affirmations will help you get on the path to greater joy & positive mindset.

Secrets to Homeschool Mom Growth Through These Free Affirmations

All homeschoolers have areas in their lives to develop.

No human being is perfect. We're all works in progress. Awareness of our weaknesses and willingness to change are signs of advanced functioning and health.

Take your level of functioning to an even higher notch by working to strengthen your weaknesses and grow your positives.

When you acknowledge an area that you want or need to develop, you have already taken the first step towards change. Keep that momentum of change going with the help of resources and tips to increase successful growth.

What Is My Secret To Homeschool Mom Growth?


What are affirmations? They are positive self-statements filled with honest nuggets that encourage and remind.

  1. Positive:  Careful selection of words with a focus on growth.
  2. Self-statements:  Only refer to self and use "I" statements.
  3. Honest:  Rational and true statements that focus on reality and logical possibility.
  4. Nuggets:  Short, meaty phrases and sentences with powerful meaning.
  5. Encourage:  Self-statements lift up, boost, and inspire.
  6. Remind:  Help you refocus, redirect, and remember your self-worth, goals, and positive thoughts.

Use affirmations to grow as a homeschool mom. Use these 24 FREE printable homeschool affirmations cards to start on a positive path towards growth.

24 Free Affirmations

To get you started towards your homeschool and personal growth, here are 24 Free Affirmations Cards for Homeschoolers. Each page contains six cards. The first four pages contain affirmations that I have found helpful (or will be working on myself). The last page contains six blank cards to customize with your personal homeschool affirmations.

Print, laminate, and ponder.

Learn how to use affirmation for greater homeschool joy. Get tips and inspiration plus ideas on how to customize your affirmation for optimal growth.

Click here or on the image below to access your printable 24 Free Affirmations Cards.  When you subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool, you will receive weekly email updates plus exclusive subscriber's only access to all freebies.

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Use these 24 free printable Affirmations cards to help you work on homeschool and personal growth.

And here is the video to explain more about STEP 1 Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge: Making Affirmations Work For You!

YouTube video

Consider your current homeschool situation.
What areas would you personally like to develop for homeschool mom growth?

Would you like to also help your kids learn about and develop the positive practice of affirmations? These powerful self-statements are fabulous skills that any age can benefit from and use.

And it's a fantastic activity that you can enjoy with your kids smiley face emoticon

The Simple Guide to the Powerful Practice of Affirmations for Kids Bundle is here to teach you about affirmations and how you can help your kids customize the experience for maximum benefits. The guide provides you with the information you need to better understand what affirmations are and how to talk to your kids about them.

This bundle includes printable resources for you to use with your kids to determine an affirmations practice that best fits their current needs.

Check it out and start on the path to positive thinking with your kids today!

This simple guide & helpful resources will help you discover, teach, & enjoy the powerful practice of affirmations for kids.

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  1. Amy...I realized that the last time I did a full color print was when I printed out your character posters last year. At the time, I told my husband that I needed a laminator, and at some point he bought one...it has been sitting in the garage...until today! I got it out, and my son and I laminated the affirmation cards and the character posters...ha! He had a blast, and I wondered why I hadn't tried using it before, it was so easy! Color print and laminator? It's been a big day over here 🙂 Thanks, again, for all you do to help us rock our homeschools and become better moms and homeschoolers.

  2. Oh my...I am a pillar of calm. I exude serenity and peace....Boy oh boy, do I need that one...framed, Big, on my dining area wall where I homeschool my only son, 9 yrs old. Thank you for these insightful and handy affirmation cards. I love them so much that I'm going to use my color printer ink, and that's saying alot!!

    1. Lol! I sooo get the color printer thing-I'm the same way 🙂 It's gotta be really good for me to use color. Sending you best wishes & positive vibes!!

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