Getting the Most Out of Your Affirmations for Growth

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Get the most of your affirmations for growth with these tips and tools. Join our free Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge: Making Affirmations Work for You!


Super pumped that you're joining me for more of our Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge: How to Make Affirmations Work for You. This challenge is all about helping you cultivate a growth mindset. And one of the easiest ways to get started with that is using affirmations.

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After doing all of this amazing work, you're probably wondering what to do with it. How can YOU get the most out of your affirmations? You know they're powerful tools but how do you use them so that actually work?

In How to Use Affirmations for Greater Homeschool Joy, I share tips and tricks for customizing your affirmations. Also, you learn some great practices for using your affirmations.

When to Use Your Affirmations

You identified just one thing as the primary struggle that's blocking you from enjoying homeschool life. Now, you want to use your affirmations whenever that struggle bubbles up.

Think about your homeschool day, from the moment you wake until you go to sleep. When does that struggle often present itself? Around what times and where? Who is present and how does it happen?

Take that information and use it to your advantage. Those are key moments for having your affirmation at the ready to use and repeat as necessary.


Using an Easy Breathing Technique with Your Affirmations

When using your affirmations, take a deep, cleansing breath.

Relax the muscles in your face, particularly around your mouth and nose. Gently close your mouth. Breathe in for 3 seconds. Hold for a second or two.

Gently open your mouth and release your breath for 4-5 seconds. Release all stress, negative, tension, yuckiness. Let it go.

Repeat your cleansing breaths a few more times, if necessary.

You can pair your cleansing breaths with your affirmations! After doing one successful cleansing breath cycle, use the next inhalation as an opportunity to breathe in your affirmation, repeating it in your mind as you do so. On your cleansing exhalation, breathe out all the negative and nasty associated with your struggle.

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Another awesome way to boost your affirmations and make them work for you is using guided relaxation. I explain more about this practice and share audio examples on Sound Cloud.

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Fun Ways to Remind Yourself to Use Your Affirmations

As easy as it is to use affirmations, you'll find it helpful to have reminders. Use the free printable cards of affirmations for homeschool moms (and make as many copies as you need!).

Also, you can jot down your affirmations on notecards and post-it notes. Even make an insert to stick in your homeschool planner!

Place your affirmations in high-traffic areas for you. On your bathroom mirror and refrigerator. On your desk and laundry room. Wherever you need a simple reminder for using your positive self-statements 🙂

You can also set a timer on your phone or another device with a special alert or notification to remind you to repeat your affirmation.

Have another fun way to use your affirmations? Share that plus any questions or concerns in the comments below 🙂 I'd love updates on how this Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge is working for you.

And please share this Homeschool Mom Mindset Challenge with a mom that you know could use a boost in her homeschool life. It's always better with friends 🙂

Sharing is caring!

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