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Fun & Free Printable Brush Teeth Cards for Kids

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Brush teeth cards are excellent interactive tools that you can use to help your kids develop healthy habits. If you'd like to encourage your kids to practice proper dental hygiene and make the experience fun, these printable cards may just be your solution.

You can use these cards in a variety of creative ways to motivate, track, and reward. Find out more and get started with this fun approach to dental hygiene for kids today!


Take the struggle out of brushing teeth time with this fun approach using Brush Teeth Cards to motivate, track, & reward.


Take the Struggle Out of Brushing Teeth for Kids

Do your kids fight you on brushing their teeth? 

Or maybe you heard something like, "Oh yeah, Mom! I brushed my teeth and even flossed."? Only to find dry toothbrushes and zero dental floss in the trash can.

My younger boys don't like when it's time to brush teeth. They would much rather continue to play with their toys, read their books, or work on creating a structure out of toothpicks, playdough, and cotton balls.

I get it. They're trying to cram in as much playtime as possible before we start our homeschool day or it's time for bed. 

And these boys are at an age where they really don't care what others think. (Unlike my teens who have whole dental hygiene routine and would freak out if a small bit of food was caught between their teeth.)

Luckily, my younger boys have a mom who does care about their dental hygiene 😉 But, I'm tired of nagging and threatening. I much prefer to parent in a more encouraging and motivating way.

I want my boys to associate brushing their teeth (and well, any self-care practice) as a positive experience rather than torture. Sure, it might not be something that you necessarily want to do right now but brushing your teeth is important and has life-long benefits.

So, I made these Brush Teeth cards. And we're turning the activity into a fun way to connect! 


Brush teeth punch cards on purple and yellow papers with red toothbrush, toothpaste, flosser, hole punch, purple sand timer, and stickers


A Surprising Way to Connect with Your Kids

I've been super pleased with how effective these Brush Teeth cards have been! 

Once I explained my purpose for creating and using these tools, my boys were on board. After using our Chore Cards for Kids, the boys understand how this system of motivation, tracking, and reward works.

  1. I clearly explain and set my expectations. (Child will brush for two minutes using a timer. Child will floss teeth and rinse.)
  2. We decide on a reward that is earned when card is complete. (This reward varies according to child and usually consists of a special expereince like water balloons, extra board game time, or renting a movie.)
  3. If child fights against going to brush teeth, the consequence is no sticker/stamp/punch will be given (even when teeth are brushed-because that will happen no matter what!). 
  4. All steps must be followed in order to earn sticker/stamp/punch.
  5. Child can earn sticker/stamp/punch IF child talks with me about prior refusal and makes a plan for what to do in the future to better cooperate.
  6. When Brush Teeth card is complete, reward is given A.S.A.P. 

A few surprising things has happened as a result of using these cards with my younger boys. First, we've had the uncover some other issues going on. One boy worried about "not doing it right" and we were able to talk through those perfectionistic tendencies.

Another boy has a strong gag reflex. We discovered that he could use a bit of help from mom getting started and then can finish the job himself.

Also, brusthing teeth time has become FUN! Now, when the timer is started, I sing silly songs and we do a little celebratory dance when it's all done. And stickers or stamps make anything more fun 😉


Get Your Free Brush Teeth Cards for Kids

Would you like to make brushing teeth for kids less stressful and more fun?

This printable page contains 4 different cards to use with your kids. I encourage you to write their name on the front and their reward on the back. You can remind your kids of what they're working towards whenever it's time to brush teeth!

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you know someone who you think would love these Brush Teeth Cards for Kids, please share the link to this post with them smile emoticon

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Help your kids develop healthy habits like proper dental hygiene with these free Brush Teeth Cards.

How do you make brushing teeth for kids fun?

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