Easy Way to Make Chore Cards for Kids Fun

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Are you tired of the struggle to get your kids to do their chores? This easy solution might be just what you need to make chore time fun for kids! 

These free printable Chore Cards for Kids are awesome ways to track chore completion and motivate kids to get the jobs done. Find out how I'm using this approach with my boy and get started with your printable set today!


These free printable Chore Cards for Kids are easy ways to motivate & reward.


Take the Struggle Out of Chores with Kids

I was sooooo tired of fighting my boys to do chores. And so tired of wasting time trying to figure out what would work for my boys and me.

I felt like I'd tried everything I could think of to have a consistent chore system for my kids.

Charts. Apps. Calendars.

All of these approaches worked for a brief time. But, either the boys or I would quickly tire of the system. When our enthusiasm for the system faded, we were right back to me doing everything.

Believe me, I don't want to do everything. I get exhausted plus I don't have as much time for our fun activities. I get lost in a downward spiral of exhaustion where I don't even have the energy to clearly communicate what chores need to be done and who needs to do them.

With our erratic schedule, it's been hard finding consistency with chores. I don't have time for creating complex charts or step-by-step instructions. And I've accepted the fact that using anything online doesn't stick for me. 

I'm not one to easily give up 😉  I know the importance of kids doing chores (and appreciate the help!). So, I decided to give these Chore Cards for Kids a try. 

Super excited to report that this simple system is working for our family! (And if you need an age-appropriate chore list for your kids, I highly recommend this free printable list!)

Chore cards for kids with stickers & hold punch & cleaning supplies on yellow & white paper

Creative Ways to Use These Free Chore Cards for Kids

These Chore Cards for Kids really couldn't be any easier!

Simply print out the cards. I recommend printing on cardstock for durability. 

Each child gets a card. Write the child's name on the front or back of the card. On the back of the card, list the chore(s) to be done. You can assign chores to specific days or leave open-ended.

If your child likes to doodle or jazz things up a bit, let them draw chores or numbers in the squares.

Your child can use stickers, stamps, or a hole punch when chores are checked and completed.

If you'd like to extend the use of your child's Chore Card, laminate it. This step is optional but works well to make the card more durable. Plus, you can reuse the card if your child is using stickers (just peel off and reuse!).


To Reward or Not Reward: It's All Up To You!

With this type of chore system, you might wonder if you have to give your child a reward when the card is full. You're not alone. Many parents wonder if rewarding kids is a good or bad thing. 

The beauty of this chore system is that it's completely up to you! You know your family and values best.

And remember: rewards do not have to cost a thing! Sure, some families give rewards of a trip to the ice cream shop or movie theater. Other families might allow a child to pick out a small toy or new game.

But, rewards can be stuff like bonus screen time. Or planning a special family game or movie night. One reward that works well for my boys is a trip to our local library's "store" (donation room with books that cost a quarter) where they can pick out a "new" book to bring home.

I suggest thinking about these questions to determine if using rewards for chores is right for your family:

  • How do your kids respond to rewards? 
  • Are rewards positive motivators for your kids?
  • What types of rewards are you willing to consider?
  • What is your reward budget (if any)?
  • What will be your expectations for a completed chore? And how will you make your expectations clear to your kids?

Oh, and one more thing about rewards (if you choose to use them). Rewards typically work best when given as close as possible to completion of the tasks. So, if you're able to provide the agreed-upon reward right away, cool! If not, it's probably best to not go with rewards or make sure you have a mutual agreement with your kids 🙂

If you choose to try rewards for chores, work with your child to pick an appropriate reward. Your child could pick a reward for completing one card. Or you could extend the fun and allow your child to bundle cards for a bigger reward! 


Get Your Easy-to-Use Free Chore Cards for Kids

Ready to start this simple chore system with your kids? This free printable has four different cards on one page. Each card features different cleaning supplies and "I did my CHORES!".

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Get your free printable set of Chore Cards for Kids to keep track of jobs done & motivate.

What's your #1 struggle with getting your kids to do chores?
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