3 Tips for Large Family Homeschool High School Science Success

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Homeschool high school science doesn't have to be hard or stressful, even if you have a large family.

Many homeschool parents worry about providing a quality science education as their kids progress through higher learning levels. Common concerns, like budget and not having enough time, are legit. Oh, and how will you do high school science labs?!?

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling high school science, these tips and resources will put your mind at ease so you can get back to enjoying your learning at home adventures.

Discover how you can have homeschool high school science success, even if you have a large family, with these tips.

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High School Science Does NOT Need to Be a Deal Breaker

To say that I was petrified to teach high school science in our homeschool would be an understatement.

When we began our homeschool adventures, I got a lot of backlash from concerned family and friends. And one of their major questions was, "How will you teach high school chemistry? You can't have a science lab at home!".

My older boys were only 9 and 7. I figured that I'd have plenty of time to sort it all out.

But, I stil worried. And kept getting bombarded with questions about how I'd make homeschool high school science work. "Surely, you'll have to send your boys back to public school. You just can't teach high school science at home!".

As my older boys approached high school years, I began to get a bit nervous. Um, how in the world would I be able to pull off high school science while homeschooling 5 boys, having an erratic schedule, and working from home?

Fortunately, I have some amazing homeschool friends who assured me that all will be well. These mentors gave me some invaluable tips that I now share with you. Plus, I found some excellent resources to help me figure out how to put together high school homeschool curriculum.

High school science doesn't have to be hard or stressful. Check out these tips to make it an enjoyable experience for your homeschool.

Tips for Large Family Homeschool High School Science Success

1. Talk with Your Teens

First and foremost, sit down and have a chat with your teens about homeschool high school science.

It doesn't have to be all serious and formal. Make it fun and an opportunity to connect 🙂

Bake a sweet treat and enjoy with a yummy beverage as you talk about educational and career goals.

Or go on a hike. Do a hobby. Whatever it takes for your teen to feel comfortable enough to open up about their thoughts and feelings about their future.

As you talk, consider:

  • the requirements in your state/area for graduating homeschool high school (and receiving credit, if possible)
  • your teen's strengths and weaknesses
  • interests
  • possible career choices
  • goals (Do they want to pursue a college education?)

Try to be patient and allow your homeschool high schooler time to process. Depending on your teen's personality, they might want to "think out loud" and just throw ideas out there. It's quite normal for your teen to need some time to think about these considerations.

Build on the information your teen provides. Map out a course of study based on their answers. This map, of course, need not be carved in stone. But, it will help you plot out what homeschool science classes your teen will need to take.

You can enjoy high school science, even if you have a large homeschool family.

2. Be Realistic About Your Homeschool High School Science Experience

Oof! This step is hard. But, completely necessary!

Take a good, hard look at your homeschool and yourself.

How much time will you actually be able to devote to homeschool high school science?

Be honest. Consider all of your children and what each needs from you.

Also, what other commitments do you have? Do you volunteer? Work?

Another big question to ask yourself:  Is science one of your strengths? Or would you rather scrub toilet bowls than try to teach high school physics?

No shame in any answer! Honesty will only help your homeschool thrive and grow 🙂

3. Outsource

Asking for help can be hard. It can feel like a sign of weakness or lack of caring or defeat.

But, here's the thing:  asking for help is actually a sign of strength, honesty, and courage. (This lesson took me a long time to learn but has made all the difference in my life and in our homeschool!)

Homeschool friend, it's okay to not be able to do it all.

As one homeschooler to another, I'm giving you permission to seek out help. And take advantage of amazing resources and individuals who are here to help 🙂

I want you to remind yourself that this type of help not only benefits your child, but it benefits you and your entire homeschool. Please do that for me!

Your homeschool high school experience can be amazing. College Prep Science helps you enjoy the experience, include science labs, and so much more.

Next Steps for Doing This Homeschool High School Science Thing!

Okay, so now what?

Well, now I encourage you to explore your options for homeschool high school science. Maybe you have a co-op that you're active in and feel comfortable having your teen study biology or exercise science there?

Perhaps you have a friend or family member willing to take on the job of teaching chemistry to your high schooler?

Another awesome option is online homeschool science classes! Your teen can take part in an interactive science course with an experienced teacher who's also a homeschool dad.

If you're a Christian homeschooler, you'll want to check out Greg Landry's College Prep Science. With 20+ years of experience as a college professor and teaching his own kids, Greg has got what it takes to teach your teens.

College Prep Science-the place for Christian homeschoolers who want quality high school science classes

I'm blown away by all of the homeschool high school science classes that College Prep Science offers! After exploring health careers last year, my older boys are super excited about the Exercise and Sports Physiology course.

Worried about high school science labs? Well, College Prep Science takes that stress off your shoulders with labs built into the courses! Or your teen has the option of attending two-day Biology and Chemistry Lab Intensives nationwide (15 locations).

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  1. I have always been afraid of science, too. Well, not afraid, exactly—frankly, I just don't LIKE it! LOL. Finding options that worked for me and our family, rather than what everyone else said to do, is how I've gotten through so far. This post lists several great ones!

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