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How to Enjoy Simple Holiday Fun for Kids with these Christmas Activity Packs

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Easily make this holiday season extra special and fun with these Christmas Activity packs!

Your kids will have a blast with these super cool Christmas-themed activities, games, and more. These holiday activity packs are a mix of learning (simple math and writing) and fun.

You'll find suggestions for hands-on activities plus printables for print-and-go fun (when you just need an easy button during the holiday hustle and bustle).

Check it all out and get your activity packs for Christmas fun for kids today!


These Christmas Activity Packs featuring 5 fun themes are amazing ways to boost holiday fun for kids.

Keep Holiday Fun for Kids Simple This Year

The holiday season is going to look a lot different this year.

You might feel like you need to do more (and spend more money!) to even try to make it special for your kids.

And it's totally understandable why you might feel that way - so many things will be different this year!

Less travel and fewer community events. Greater restrictions for doing many of the activities that you normally enjoy during the Christmas season.

It's all very sad and frustrating.

But, you want to make the most of this special time of year with your kids. High five!

The good news:  You really don't have to spend more time, money, or energy to still have an excellent holiday celebration.

You CAN relax and make lovely holiday memories with your kids (instead of stressing out and losing your cool).

My intention this holiday season is to keep it simple and focus on enjoying the time with my boys. If this year hasn't taught us anything else, it's to treasure time with loved ones 🙂

I created these Christmas activity packs to make it easy to plan and prepare for a fun holiday celebration with kids. I hope you join me and relax into your holidays with your kids.


5 covers of Christmas Activity Packs to feature the amazing holiday fun your kids will have with these 5 themes


Tips & Ideas for Making the Most of Simple Holiday Fun for Kids

Before I chat about these Christmas activity packs with cool themes for hands-on and interactive experiences, I'd like to share a few tips and reminders of how to chill and enjoy the holidays with your kids:

  • Weave Christmas prep and planning into your {homeschool} routine. Count those fun extras (like baking, wrapping gifts, etc.) as part of your learning fun experience.
  • It's okay to focus on the basics. If you're actively homeschooling during the holiday season, stick with reading, writing, and math. If you're not homeschooling, you still need to keep it simple whenever you can - and that includes meals!
  • Or switch things up and do the subjects that you all enjoy 🙂 The Christmas season is an excellent time to study music, art, and geography.
  • Speaking of geography...why not include a Christmas Fun Around the World experience? (You can find our easy-to-use resources HERE).
  • Use these excellent Christmas Activity Packs for sensational holiday fun!


Bonus Tip:  Set an intention for your homeschool holiday season fun. A few things to consider as you focus on relaxing and enjoying the Christmas season with your kids include:

  • What is it that you'd like your kids to remember most about this holiday season?
  • What would YOU like to remember most about this holiday season?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What do you tend to freak out about and later regret?
  • Looking back on your holiday experiences, what were your best memories with your kids? Worst? How can you improve on that?

Write all of that down and hold that close as you enjoy the holidays with your kids 🙂


5 Christmas Activity Pack covers to feature the variety of amazing ways your kids will enjoy holiday fun with these cool themes & activities


5 Christmas Activity Packs to Make Your Holiday Shine

As I planned and prepared for holiday fun days for this Christmas season with my boys, 5 themes stood out.

  • Gifts
  • Decor
  • Holiday Characters & Friends
  • Treats
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters

These fun themes have been a casual part of our Christmas homeschool fun activities for years.

To give 2020 a special touch (because don't we all need that?), I decided to set aside time to celebrate and enjoy these themes.

As a busy homeschool mom, I KNOW the importance of planning and preparing. If I don't gather ideas and materials prior to an event, it just doesn't get done (and we're all bummed out).

But, you don't always have time to plan and prepare ahead. (And I'm so happy to do it and share it with you!)

With how crazy 2020 has been, I started all this prep in July!

Yes, I'm that crazy. BUT, my oldest is just like Buddy the Elf and I just really want to make this final year of homeschooling as awesome as I can 💙

In these Christmas Activity Packs, you'll find a variety of ways to enjoy simple holiday fun for kids. My boys approved of ALL of these activities prior to my inclusion in these packs!

You'll find fun Christmas activities like:

  • games
  • mazes
  • coloring pages
  • sudoku
  • math fun
  • writing & drawing prompts
  • hands-on projects
  • arts & crafts
  • treats (I provide links to suggested recipes for each theme. Of course, substitute recipes that best fit the needs of your family.)

I've also provided a planning page for each theme so you can customize your experience. (In the Decor theme, you'll find a completed planning page with how I will use this Christmas activity pack with my boys.)


These Christmas Activity Packs with 5 cool themes are amazing ways to enjoy holiday fun for kids.


Get Your Christmas Activity Packs for Simple Holiday Fun

YES! I'm super excited that you've decided to join us on our holiday fun with these Christmas Activity Packs!

You can get individual Christmas Activity packs ($3 each) to best fit the needs of your family OR go for the bundle (for only $10!).

Click on the images below for details about each pack 🙂


These 5 Christmas activity packs are fantastic ways to enjoy holiday fun for kids.
only $10!


This Christmas Activity Pack featuring Holiday Characters & Friends theme is an amazing way to enjoy holiday fun for kids.


This Christmas Activity Pack featuring Decor theme is an awesome way to enjoy special holiday fun with kids.


Enjoy holiday fun for kids with this Christmas Activity Pack featuring gifts.


This Ugly Christmas Sweater activity pack is a super fun way to celebrate the holiday with kids.


Make this holiday season extra special with this Christmas Activity Pack featuring treats.

Get the BUNDLE of Christmas Activity Packs for only $10 by clicking HERE!

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