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Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Christmas Fun Around the World

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Would you like some easy ways to enjoy Christmas fun with your kids this holiday season? Make the most of this special time with activities and resources that help you learn how different cultures celebrate the holidays. 

You'll love these tips and suggestions for a stress-free Christmas Around the World study.

Enjoy amazing holiday learning fun with your kids using this Christmas Fun Around the World bundle of plans & activities.

How Christmas Learning Fun Boosts Our Holidays

Oh the holidays!

Time for kids to bounce off the walls and struggle to focus on anything for more than thirty-three seconds.

And time for parents to want to hide in the closet with a plate of sugar cookies and a bottle of wine. Or is that just me?

I'm not really a Grinch. I love the holidays with my family. I just don't care for all the stress and hype and having a gazillion things to do.

Life with five boys gets even busier. Plus, we homeschool through the holidays. More on why in a bit...

And one of my biggest struggles is figuring out how to do all the holiday fun stuff without losing my mind. I have a tendency to want to cram it all in. Baking, decorating, and crafting. Shopping, wrapping, and playing fun holiday games.

I always wanted to add a Christmas Around the World study to our list of holiday fun activities. The idea of learning about different countries and how they celebrate the holidays seemed like a fabulous way to enhance our own celebrations. But, I'd get too wrapped up in other holiday prep and another year would pass without a special celebration.

Last year, I made up my mind that I was going to enjoy Christmas Fun Around the World with my boys. I worked out a plan and gathered materials. After tweaking the plan a bit, I'm happy to report that we had a blast learning about Christmas in different cultures.

Our holiday season was so much more relaxed and enjoyable. Instead of feeling like we were adding work to the holiday season, my boys and I looked forward to learning about the countries, their traditions, yummy holiday food, and more. I felt less stress because my boys were eager to cooperate and focus on our holiday learning fun

Globe on white background with decorated Christmas tree and colorful presents in front and Christmas Fun Around the World bundle cover with flags for Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Italy, & Mexico

Holiday Learning Fun with Benefits 

Why would you want to add holiday learning fun to your seasonal to-do list? Before you think I've totally lost my mind, check out these benefits for you and your kids:

  • Provides structure and routine:  The holidays can feel like a whirlwind. When life gets busy, it may seem easier to let your routine slack. But, holiday learning fun plans give you and your kids stability.
  • Channel holiday energy and excitement:  If your kids get super excited right before the holidays, learning fun activities are awesome ways to put that energy to good use.
  • Focused activities:   Holiday learning fun can help you and your kids slow down and spend quality time together. Instead of feeling distracted by all the gazillion things you could be doing, your Christmas Fun Around the World activities will also reduce decision fatigue.
  • "Sneaky" learning:  When your kids are listening to fun facts about Christmas in Germany or learning how to say Merry Christmas in Swedish, they'll be having such a blast that they won't even know they're learning!
  • Include holiday prep in your learning fun:  Why not bundle some of your to-do list activities into your holiday learning fun? After reading about Christmas in Russia, make some gingerbread to enjoy for a yummy treat.

You can enjoy Christmas fun with your kids as you all learning about different holiday celebrations around the world. With just a bit of preparation and the right resources, you'll love having Christmas Fun Around the World with your kids.

Christmas tree with red ornaments & ribbon & Earth ornament and Christmas Fun Around The World cover page

Tips & Tricks to Enjoy Christmas Fun Around the World

The key to enjoying Christmas fun with kids is to be flexible in your thinking and plans. Try your best to be prepared and understanding. Emotions run high during the holidays. When in doubt, stop what you're doing to give a smile and a hug 🙂

Here are a few of my other tips and tricks:

  • Keep it simple:  Don't overplan. Less is more. Stick to these Christmas Fun Around the World plans or even cut out some of the suggested activities. Do what feels right for your family that day 🙂
  • Plan and prepare:  Take time the weekend and/or night before the day of your learning fun. It won't take long and will make your experience so much less stressful!
  • Let go of non-essentials:  If you have a bit of wiggle room in your school schedule, ease up on non-core subjects or take them out for the holiday season. This step will free up time during your day and help it feel like your Christmas Fun Around the World isn't just one more thing.
  • Holiday self-care:  Make sure to take a bit of time to take care of you during the holidays
  • Leave buffer time:  Give yourself extra time before and after your holiday learning fun. You won't feel so rushed or frazzled if an activity takes a bit longer to set up or complete.
  • Get your kids involved in prep & clean-up:  Don't do all the work! Your kids will feel more a part of the experience when they help you set up and put away.
Explore the traditional customs & celebrations of 8 countries around the world with this Christmas Fun Around the World bundle.

Recommended Resources for Christmas Fun Around the World

I sorted through a lot of Christmas Around the World resources as I researched and pieced together our holiday learning fun plans.

My boys and I included these books in our celebrations:

Christmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the WorldChristmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Christmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Christmas Around the World (On My Own Holidays)Celebrate Christmas Around the WorldCelebrate Christmas Around the WorldCelebrate Christmas Around the World

And, of course, our very favorite resources are our Christmas Fun Around the World activity packs and plans!

You'll find specific book and resource recommendations for each country included in our Christmas Fun around the World posts below.

8 Special Ways to Enjoy Christmas Fun Around the World

Join us as we celebrate Christmas Fun Around the World! You'll learn amazing things about each country and their Christmas:

  • Traditions
  • History (if applicable)
  • Fun Facts
  • Holiday Greeting 
  • Music
  • Activity (or craft)
  • Food (suggestions for special treats you can make or buy)

Find out more about how you can enjoy these holiday learning fun adventures with your kids and have Christmas Fun in:

Make the most of your holiday celebrations with kids and enjoy Christmas Fun Around the World!
Tap HERE or on the image below to find out more & get started today!

Have Christmas Fun Around the World with your kids using these amazing plans & activities.

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