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Free Christmas Game for Kids to Have Simple Holiday Fun

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Enjoy a delightfully simple yet super fun Christmas game for kids with this free printable activity.

If your kids love Snakes and Ladders, they will LOVE this Candy Canes and Ladders game!

Get a sneak peek at this game, creative ideas for using, and grab your free printable set today!


This free printable Christmas game is perfect for holiday fun for kids.


Surprise Your Kids with a New Christmas Game

Want to know a secret way to make the holiday season extra special?

Plan on giving your kids a few surprises 😉

And, no worries! You don't have to spend any money or even a lot of time.

Gather up some free printable resources (like the ones available here in the Rock Your Homeschool Subscriber's Library of Freebies) and prepare for awesome holiday fun for kids 🙂

You can also jot down a bunch of ideas from this list of super cool Christmas Homeschool Fun Activities.

Because, when it comes down to it, you only have so much time, energy, and money over the holidays.

But, you want to make the most of these special times (without losing your sanity). That build-up to the "big day" is something else!

Free printable activities are the way to go. As a mom of 5 boys who are cray-cray about Christmas, I can totally attest to that 😉

I always arm myself with at least 2-3 fun holiday activities per day leading up the Christmas. Why do I do that? A few of my reasons include:

  • Keep my boys busy (and out from underneath my feet when I'm working on holiday prep)
  • Focused brain breaks for our homeschool
  • Channeling their energy and excitement into positive activities (and not zing-zing-zinging around like a bouncy ball and knocking off ornaments or decor)

I have a growing collection of FREE fun holiday activities that my boys can either independently work on or that we can enjoy together.

This FREE Candy Canes and Ladders Christmas Game is one printable activity that fits into both categories 🙂


Candy Canes & Ladders Game with candy games, die, & mini-erasers to feature how this free Christmas game is perfect for special holiday fun


Tips & Ideas for Enjoying This Christmas Game for Kids

Snakes and Ladders-style games are a huge hit with my boys. (In fact, you can find free printable versions of the classic version of this game plus Halloween Spiders and Ladders Game on this site!).

The boys think these games are such fun - and will play them again and again.

I love that this style of games is SO simple to use. All you need to do is:

  • Get the free download (scroll down to subscribe and get this Christmas Game for Kids).
  • Print the game. (I recommend white cardstock for durability.)
  • Laminate game board. (Optional but really increases durability.)
  • Select game pieces for the number of players. (The boys and I use things we have around the house, like mini-erasers, small toys, wood beads, or small playdough balls.)
  • Each player takes turns rolling a six-sided die and moving their game piece that amount.
  • If the player lands on a ladder, they move up it.
  • If the player lands on a candy cane, they slide down.
  • The first player to 35 wins!

Don't forget to add the holiday music in the background! Such an easy way to boost the holiday fun 😉


This Candy Canes & Ladders activity is a fantastic, free Christmas game for special holiday fun.


Get Your Free Christmas Game for Kids

Have a blast with this easy-to-use Christmas game for kids!

This free printable (PDF) set includes one Candy Canes and Ladders game board (plus directions page).


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Get your FREE Christmas Game for Kids (Candy Canes and Ladders) by clicking HERE or on the image below.

This free Christmas game (Candy Canes & Ladders) is such a special way to enjoy holiday fun with kids.

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