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Free Christmas I Spy for Easy & Fun Holiday Activity

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Enjoy a super fun yet easy activity with kids this holiday! This free printable Christmas I Spy is a wonderful way to get excited about the holidays, as well as practice counting and more.

Check it out and get started with your Christmas Fun printable set today 🙂

Enjoy this free Christmas I Spy printable activity for easy holiday fun with kids.


Holiday Fun with Kids CAN Be Easy!

You never know what's going to be a holiday hit with kids.

How many times have you planned and prepared a grand activity or event, only to have it be meh?

Shaking your head in exasperation, you shrug your shoulders and think, "Well, that's fabulous. I spent all that money and time and for what?".

Then, a super simple something pops up and steals the show.

It's a cardboard box. A little toy that plopped out after depositing two quarters into a machine. Or a printable that you chanced upon during a Pinterest scroll.

It's at those times as a parent that you realize you don't have to spend a ton of money, time, and energy to create special holiday memories.

I've lived and breathed this struggle.

After five boys and numerous failed attempts at "perfect" holiday scenes, I've learned a thing or two. So, I now rethink holiday fun with kids approach and K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, sweetie).


Christmas I Spy printable on red background

How A Simple Printable like Christmas I Spy Saved My Holiday Sanity

I was never a big fan of using printables with kids. Then, I barely survived our first Christmas with five boys. And I realized that printables are not such a bad thing, especially when they are used with purpose.

Days blurred into each other, with young boys who'd caught the holiday excitement bug and flew around our home as if they'd ingested an entire box of candy canes.

Shouting out Christmas carols. Decking the halls with an exuberance that would put Buddy the Elf to shame. Dashing from room to room in a frenzy that caused ornaments to shake and crash to the ground.

And I had the energy of a wet mop after nursing and playing musical beds all night.

Desperate, I pulled out some Christmas coloring pages. And I wanted that time could be more than busywork.

So, we chatted. I asked the boys a few fun questions and fill-in-the-blank holiday sentences, like our conversation starters.

And we did a few other Christmas homeschool fun activities for more interactive fun.


When we had cleaned up all that easy holiday fun, I detected a change in the air. Sure, the boys were still pumped up and excited for the holidays. But, they weren't raving lunatics.

And I rejoiced in more than a few minutes of silence. #priceless

Lesson learned. Now, I go into every holiday season with a battle plan, armed with free printables, games, and activities organized and ready to enjoy with my boys.

Enjoy this free Christmas I Spy printable activity for easy holiday fun with kids.

Get Your Free Christmas I Spy Printable!

I continue to add to my arsenal of holiday fun printables and activities to enjoy with my boys. This free Christmas I Spy printable is another excellent way to engage kids in a fun activity and get them talking about the holidays.

Keep the fun going after your kids have completed this free printable!

  • Encourage your kids to create their own Christmas I Spy by drawing holiday-themed pictures and challenging each other.
  • Play traditional Christmas I Spy in your home.
  • Talk about each of the holiday figures in this printable. Make observations about the colors and sizes.
  • Make a Christmas I Spy graph for holiday math fun.


Christmas I Spy activity sheet on red paper with candy cane and boy completing Christmas I Spy printable with markers on light green tablecloth

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Enjoy an easy holiday fun activity with your kids using this free Christmas I Spy printable.

Share other ways you enjoy easy holiday fun with kids, like this Christmas I Spy printable, in the comments below!

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