12 Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids


If you need fun ways to keep your kids busy this holiday season, add these 12 free Christmas coloring pages to your plans.

Christmas excitement starts for our family in October and I always look for new, positive ways to channel all that energy for my five boys.

Find out how we’re using these coloring pages with Christmas themes in our family and homeschool plus get your free printable pack!


Enjoy these 12 free Christmas Coloring pages for easy holiday fun with kids.


My boys and I enjoy coloring pages all year. We especially like these printable pages for Christmas homeschool fun activities.

These resources are awesome to add to your arsenal for keeping your kids busy during the holidays, especially when you need time to tackle your to-do list or just catch your breath 😉


Christmas coloring pages featuring Christmas tree, bells, wreath, ornaments, and sleigh to feature the awesome creative fun your kids will have with this set of 12 free Christmas coloring pages

Suggested Uses for These Free Christmas Coloring Pages

You can use these  Christmas coloring pages in a variety of ways.  Here are a few ideas that my boys enjoy:

  • Traditional coloring time
  • Christmas coloring contest
  • DIY Christmas posters
  • Use to make large Christmas cards
  • Cut out and adhere to a window
  • After cutting out, place the frame on contact paper.  Add tissue paper for a pretty Christmas suncatcher
  • As a challenge for using different colors and patterns
  • Use different materials to decorate, like Kwik Stix, feathers, cotton balls, and washi tape


4 Christmas coloring pages featuring bells, ornaments, sleigh, & stocking on green background


Get Your 12 Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

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These 12 free Christmas coloring pages for kids are positive ways to channel all that holiday excitement & energy. Get your printable pack now & plan for Christmas fun!

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