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Enjoy a Simple Activity with this Free Fall Game for Kids

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This free Fall game for kids is an easy way to slow down and enjoy the season.

With an Autumn theme, you'll have a great time with your kids using this simple game.

Create special memories with your kids this Fall and get started with this free printable game today!

Enjoy a simple seasonal activity with this free Fall game for kids.

Enjoy Easy Fall Fun with Your Kids

Do you ever feel like there are two sides to Fall?

One side that's busy, go-go-go, getting back into the groove with schedules and activities?

Another side that's all about slowing down, getting cooler, and enjoying special moments with loved ones?

I like to focus on the latter of the two sides 😉

Homeschool life with five boys keeps me moving. It often feels like I'm being pulled in several directions with a gazillion things on my would-like-to-do list.

When Autumn approaches, all that activity seems to intensify. After a summer of learning fun, we get back to a relaxed homeschool routine, competitive soccer, and community activities.

To help all of us slow down and enjoy time together, I intentionally plan for fun days and activities. Bonus points when those fun days and activities focus on seasonal themes! 

This free Fall game for kids is one of those simple activities that you can print out and have some good fun, even if you don't have a lot of time. I'm all about quality over quantity 😉

Woman holding custom die for Fall Game for Kids to feature how you can enjoy this simple activity for seasonal fun

Get the Most Out of This Simple Fall Game for Kids

This Fall game for kids is super easy to prep and use.

First, you'll need to subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool (scroll to the end of this post to find out how).

Once you get your Fall game (plus access to our Subscriber's Library of freebies), print out this game.

I printed our Fall game and custom die on white cardstock for durability. Also, I laminated the game board for durability.

This free printable set includes instructions for assembling the custom die and playing the game. I'm sharing a few of my tips here in case you like to plan ahead.

Grab a pair of scissors and cut out the die by cutting along the outer black lines. (Don't cut off the seven tabs-you'll need those when assembling!).

Firmly fold along all black lines.

Apply glue stick (or glue) to tabs. Carefully glue them to the back of the die faces next to them to form a cube.

I strongly recommend reinforcing the custom die with clear tape on the edges.

Learn better by seeing it in action? Check out this video on how to assemble this custom die:

This Fall Fun Bundle is a super easy, print-and-go way to enjoy special seasonal activities with your kids.

Cool Ways to Boost the Learning Fun with This Printable Game

Although this Fall game for kids is simple, it can still be a ton of fun.

Here are a few ideas to give you some fun inspiration:

  • Prior to playing the game, predict which Autumn character will be rolled the most (and the least). Will it be the acorn, corn, apple, leaf, tree, or pumpkin?
  • As you play this Fall game, use tally marks to record how many times each character is rolled.
  • Determine which character was rolled the most (and the least) and see if your prediction was accurate.
  • Spell out each Autumn character on a whiteboard or piece of paper for your kids to see. Depending on their ages, you can have them point to the word when rolled or spell it out.
  • Encourage players to act out the Autumn character when it's rolled. For example, do a tree pose, float like a leaf, or roll like a pumpkin.
This Fall game for kids includes free printable game board & custom die so you can enjoy a simple activity for seasonal fun with kids.

Get Your Free Fall Game for Kids Set

Excited to get started with this Fall game for kids?

This free printable set includes 4 pages (one game board, one custom die, instructions for assembling the custom die, and terms of use page).

This Fall game for kids is a free printable activity that's perfect for seasonal fun.

You may absolutely print out as many copies of this game set as you need to enjoy with your family, homeschool co-op, classroom, and community event.

If you know a friend or co-worker who'd enjoy this simple game with kids, please share the link to this post (and not the direct link to the game). Thanks in advance for your cooperation and sharing!

**If you'd like to use this free resource for distance learning, please email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com 🙂

Your kids will love this free Fall game for kids.

To get this free Fall Game for Kids, all you need to do is subscribe to Rock Your Homeschool. You’ll receive an email with a PDF (printable), along with a password to open the Subscriber’s Library to all RYHS freebies.

Plus, you’ll get emails with creative and easy ideas, resources, and encouragement to make life and learning fun.

(Psst! Current RYHS members just need to access the Subscriber Freebies page and enter the password in your welcome email. If you have any questions or problems with this game, please email Amy at rockyourhomeschool@gmail.com)

Get your FREE Fall Game for Kids HERE or by tapping on the image below.

This free Fall game for kids is a simple yet fun seasonal activity.

Do you have other ideas for using this Fall Game for Kids? I'd LOVE to hear them! Let me know in the comments area below 🙂

Fall game with custom die and game pieces to feature the fantastic fun you'll have with this simple free printable activity with autumn themes

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