How to Cultivate & Enjoy a Relaxed Homeschool Routine

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A relaxed homeschool routine provides you with the structure you need for homeschooling that flows and flourishes.

Instead of feeling like you're spinning in circles with overwhelm and frustration, discover how cultivating and enjoying this type of relaxed routine in your homeschool can help you feel as cool as a cucumber πŸ˜‰

Discover how you can cultivate & enjoy a relaxed homeschool routine with these practical ideas, tips, & free planner set.


What Does a Relaxed Homeschool Routine Even Mean?

If you're new to the homeschooling world (or interested in learning how to help your homeschool day flow), you may wonder what it means to have a relaxed homeschool routine.

Just like there are a variety of ways to describe relaxed homeschooling, there are just as many ways to cultivate and enjoy a relaxed homeschool routine.

To me, a relaxed routine for your homeschool means:

  • routine (not schedule)
  • structure (not rigidity)
  • rhythm and flow
  • thinking outside the box
  • growth mindset
  • flexibility (willing to pivot - not being tied down to checklists or feeling like a robot)
  • exercising intuitive skills 
  • collaboration among adults and students
  • positive communication skills
  • openness to feedback

These descriptions fit our homeschooling approach. Not all relaxed homeschool routines will reflect these concepts.

And that's the beauty of being relaxed with your homeschool routine - you can cultivate it to what is relaxed for your family!

I think it's important to also address what a relaxed homeschool routine is not πŸ˜‰

Being relaxed does not mean that learning may or may not happen that day.

It doesn't mean that your kids get to do whatever they want, when they want - or have the option to do their work.

A relaxed homeschool routine does not equal to being lazy or apathetic.

On the contrary! You'll more than likely discover that your kids (and yourself) are more energized and eager to work!

If you're concerned that a relaxed homeschool routine sounds like fluff, let me assure you that it is most definitely not. It just might be different than a more traditional educational approach (like public school).

Sister and brother on floor of family room smiling as they do homeschool work to feature how you can cultivate & enjoy a relaxed homeschool routine with these tips, ideas, & free planner set

Homeschool Routine vs. Schedule

A homeschool schedule is based on specific dates and times. Using a homeschool schedule can be quite effective for people who lean towards more Type A tendencies. A schedule can definitely help you set clear expectations and plans. 

(I feel that I must add that a schedule can be great for Type B types, too. Personally, as a Type B, I feel too much pressure with a schedule.)

Schedules can work well if you or your kids need to know what's happening when. This approach is also helpful if you're a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) or work outside of the home. If you only have certain times that you can homeschool, you may need to set a schedule.

A homeschool routine has structure and rhythm. Instead of using specific times, you have an overall idea of how your day will flow.

Homeschool routines also have expectations and priorities. Routines allow for greater flexibility with when you may start your homeschool day, how long a subject takes, and what times of day you actually homeschool. Plans are loose and easily adaptable.

For example, with our relaxed homeschool routine, my boys and I know how our day will flow. A relaxed homeschool day for us will often look like:

  • Waking up
  • Eating breakfast
  • Cleaning up kitchen
  • Essentials (hygiene - brushing teeth, washing face, getting dressed)
  • Morning chores
  • Homeschool morning gathering (that's what we call morning time)
  • Pledge -> Prayer -> Calendar Time
  • Religion (Saint of the Day or catechism)
  • Latin/Greek Root Words
  • Loop:  art appreciation, music appreciation, growth mindset, fire/water/bike safety, geography, health & nutrition
  • Math
  • Brain break
  • Writing
  • History (project or read-aloud)
  • Lunch
  • Science (read-aloud and/or experiment)
  • Quiet Time
  • Physical Education and/or outdoor play
  • Chores
  • Dinner prep + clean-up
  • Prep for next day

Let me emphasize that this is how it "might" look πŸ˜‰

If one of my older boys has a later soccer practice or game the night before, we usually have a later start time and eliminate a few things. The same practice applies if we have appointments or errands.

We've developed a lovely flow over the years and find that we always complete required tasks and curriculum.

Oh, and if history or science (or any other subject) only lasts 10 minutes, so be it. We move on. I don't cram in busy work or extras.

And if we happen upon an interesting tidbit during our homeschool morning gathering and want to skip to science in the morning, we go for it.

Such is the freedom of a relaxed homeschool routine!

A smiling mother and her 2 daughters close as the girls do homeschool work to feature how you can cultivate and enjoy a relaxed homeschool routine with these amazing tips, ideas, & free editable planner set.

How to Get Started with a Relaxed Homeschool Routine

If a relaxed homeschool routine sounds glorious to you, I have a few tips and ideas to share.

1. Establishing priorities

Before you embark on your relaxed homeschool routine, determine what's important to you and your family.

What are your expectations and requirements? (For that matter, what are your state's homeschool requirements?) Also, how will your homeschool reflect your family's beliefs?

At this point, it's also beneficial to figure out your why.

Why do you want a relaxed homeschool routine?

What do you hope to gain from it?

How will this type of approach boost your learn at home adventures?

2. Goal setting

When you have your priorities established, it's time to set some goals for your homeschool.

For example, would you like to have a collaborative family project completed each month?

Or maybe your middle child will memorize multiplication facts by the end of the year?

Your goals can be for your overall homeschool, specific students, and yourself (like to be more patient).

Discover the joys & benefits of a relaxed homeschool routine with these practical tips, ideas, & free editable planner set.

3. Take Inventory

This simple step might seem basic but can be helpful.

List out (on paper or in a Google document:

  • Your students
  • Subjects to be taught
  • Curriculum and resources to be used
  • Activities to be included in your homeschool week

4. Map Out Your Homeschool Day

Gently close your eyes and envision how you'd like your homeschool day to flow.

Now, jot that down.

Is that vision realistic? What can you pull from it to include in your relaxed homeschool routine?

I'll be honest. It took us at least a few months to find a routine that worked for us. You may find that the process is shorter or longer. There's no right or wrong but a bit of patience can definitely help πŸ˜‰

I use our new free Relaxed Homeschool Routine Planner to map all this out. You can find out more by scrolling down. Oh, and it's editable so you can customize for your homeschool!

Want to map out your week? Check out these tips, ideas, and resources to organize and de-stress your homeschool week.

5. Put Your Relaxed Homeschool Routine Into Action

Once you have your routine mapped out, give it a go.

Before you start, however, sit your kids down and explain in an age-appropriate manner why you want to give this relaxed routine approach a try. You can share the benefits of a relaxed homeschool style or a few of your own reasons.

You'll never know how it's going to work until you try.

More than likely, you may have to tweak, pivot, and revisit your why.

And that's totally okay. It's part of the process of learning and growing as a homeschooler.

Trust me, you'll find the relaxed homeschool routine that will work for you and your kids.

When you do, pause to give yourself a hug for your effort and to give thanks for arriving at this positive point in your homeschooling.

You can cultivate & enjoy a relaxed homeschool routine with these awesome ideas, tips, & free editable planner set.

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Free relaxed homeschool routine planner set to feature how you can cultivate and enjoy a relaxed homeschool routine with these fantastic ideas, tips, & resources

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