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Homeschool Field Trip Ideas for Fantastic Learning Fun (Free List & More)

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These homeschool field trip ideas, planner page, and resources will help your special outings shine. Get inspiration on creative field trip ideas plus two ways to extend the learning fun.

Use these resources plus tips and tricks to make your homeschool field trips extra special!

Enjoy some awesome Field Trip Fun with this free printable pack of ideas, planner, & more.

Plan & Prepare for Successful Homeschool Field Trips

How do you feel about homeschool field trips?

I love them except for one thing.

Field trips are fabulous ways to expose kids (and often myself!) to new ideas and activities. Visiting with smaller groups means more flexibility and even a personal touch with more opportunities to experience and ask questions. And field trips add a bit of excitement that helps break up homeschool monotony.

All great stuff, right? So, what's that one thing that steals the joy out of our homeschool field trips?

Well, that bit of break can create a lack of focus and motivation. Pre-field trip excitement and prep can make it hard to keep us all focused on the work that does need to be done.

Once the field trip is over, the blahs settle in, causing a struggle to pay attention and get back into the swing of things. Not to mention that this introverted mama needs some time to herself to get grounded and feel human again!

In my efforts to be a proactive, positive homeschool mama, I took some time to organize our homeschool field trip ideas and make printable resources that my boys can use to extend the learning fun of these outings.

Also, I created a Field Trip Fun planner page so I make sure I'm prepared with all the information and materials needed for a successful homeschool field trip!

Mom, daughter, & baby smiling & looking up at two giraffes while on a field trip

Creative Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

A wonderful way to enjoy the best field trips is to chat with your homeschool students about where they'd like to go. You can consider educational opportunities, homeschool days, free days, and just because. 

Explore your local communities. Join educational tours. Or go on a guided tour

Stop by your local park, get some fresh air, and enjoy the great outdoors. There are so many creative ways to enjoy your field trip destinations!

Our free printable homeschool field trips ideas pack includes a list of some of the best places to experience with all grade levels. It's always nice when you can include younger kids and all the way up to high school students.

A great way to boost your planning fun is to brainstorm great field trips with your kids. Add your ideas to the back of our free printable list. A few ideas to get you started include:

  • Botanical gardens
  • Historical sites
  • Police station
  • Fire station
  • National park
  • State parks
  • Art museum
  • Grocery store
  • Local farm
  • Science museums
  • Children's museums
  • Natural history museums
  • Post office
  • Pet store
  • Movie theater
  • Local zoo
  • Nature center
  • Radio stations
  • Television stations
  • State capitol
  • Civil War battlefields

Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Field Trips

If you're like me, homeschool life keeps you hoppin'. You've got your homeschool year to plan, extracurricular activities, and your home to manage. Field trips might not be high on your list of things to plan, prepare, and enjoy 😉

But, you know that these homeschool field trip ideas rock! You want to give your kids a variety of learning experiences and enjoy fun homeschooling adventures. So, how do you make sure your homeschool field trips happen or don't turn into chaotic meltdowns?

Excitement runs high with field trips. Kids may be bouncing off the walls or shy and hesitant to try something new. Adults might feel overwhelmed with trying to keep everyone together and safe.

With a bit of planning and preparation, your homeschool field trips can be successful ways to boost learning fun. Take time to fill out your Field Trip Fun planner page with this information:

  • Location:  Record the name of where you will be going on your homeschool field trip. Make sure to jot down any nicknames for the place or if you're visiting multiple sites.
  • Address:  Write down the details of where your field trip is to take place. Don't forget zip code!
  • Website:  In addition to bookmarking the site on your smartphone, write down the website.
  • Contact Information:  Record the email and phone number of the site, as well as director, owner, manager, or organizer.
  • Hours of Operation:  Life happens. You might get stuck in traffic or a late start to your day.
  • Cost:  How much money (if any) will you need? Does the location have an ATM? Does the site accept credit card or do you need cash?
  • Rules & Expected Behavior:  Does this site have specific rules or expectations that you and your kids need to be aware of and obey?
  • Clothing:  Make sure your homeschool group has appropriate attire. (And check the weather to see if you'll need umbrellas or other special gear!)
  • Food & Drinks:  Are you allowed to bring your own food and drinks? If so, make a list of what you'd like to pack, how you will store, and where you can eat.
  • Emergency:  Have a First Aid Kit (even a mini-version that you carry with you). Do any of your homeschool field trip members require medications or have allergies that require an epi-pen? Decide on an emergency meeting place in case someone gets lost.
  • Memory Making:  If you're allowed to bring a bag, will you pack a camera or notebook to record your experiences? Would a map, binoculars, or magnifying glass be helpful on your trip?

When you've got a plan and you're prepared, you'll feel more in control and better able to stay on top of what's going on during your homeschool field trip. And you'll be able to enjoy the experience and maybe learn something new!

**Ooh! I had to add this tip! A friend of a friend dresses her kids in the same color to make it easier to keep track of everyone (super helpful especially if you have a large family!).

Mom, baby girl, & boy smiling as they look at fish at an aquarium while on a field trip

Get Your Free Amazing Homeschool Field Trip Ideas + Fun Pack

This free printable pack includes 9 pages:

  • 1 list of Amazing Homeschool Field Trips Ideas from A-Z
  • 1 Field Trip Fun planner page
  • 1 Field Trip "report" page for kids to record their experiences and rate the outing
  • 6 pages of Field Trip Fun Flipbook

You can print out as many copies as you need. If you have a friend or co-worker who you think would love these Homeschool Field Trip Ideas + Fun Pack, please share this post with them.

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⭐ Get started planning and enjoying these Homeschool Field Trips with this FREE pack! ⭐

Plan and prepare for Field Trip Fun with this free printable pack. Includes list of Amazing Homeschool Field Trip Ideas from A-Z, Field Trip Fun Planner, report, and flipbook.

What homeschool field trips ideas would you add to this list?Share in the comments area below 🙂

Homeschool field trip ideas, planner, & activities to feature how you can use this free printable pack for amazing homeschool field trips

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