What’s the MOST powerful tool for your homeschool, classroom, and family?


The way you approach the world around you encompasses all of your thoughts and feelings.

And it’s not just the specific thoughts and feelings you have BUT what you make of them and how you choose to act upon them.

The truly wonderful thing is this: You CAN learn and embrace a growth mindset that empowers you to thrive.

All ages can benefit from using these mindset principles. You can use these ideas and practices with your kids, friends, family, and acquaintances. And the more you use a growth mindset, the easier it is to do!

As a former mental health therapist who has worked with all ages, I believe that a growth mindset is the best gift you can give your kids and yourself 🙂

Find awesome growth mindset for kids resources, encouragement, & tips.

Growth Mindset for Kids: Resources & Encouragement

My #1 recommendation for helping kids learn about a growth mindset is Big Life Journal. This resource is such a powerful tool that you can use to teach your kids about a growth mindset. Big Life Journal has other activities and printables that you can use to spark conversation and understanding.

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Discover the joys of a growth mindset for homeschool moms with these resources, encouragement, & tips.

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