Let's Chat About Homeschool Music

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Let's chat about homeschool music is part of a series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.


Homeschool music is an important subject to help develop a variety of skills. Often overlooked or feared, homeschool music can be successful when you find the resource that best fits your family. Whether you outsource your homeschool music instruction or take the task on yourself, these recommendations by other homeschoolers can help you learn more about helpful music curricula.

Let’s Chat About Homeschool Music is part of a Periscope & blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Once a week, a homeschool subject area will be discussed with curricula resources and recommendations given. You can learn more details and subjects by scrolling down.

Our homeschool music has consisted mostly of music appreciation. I have always played classical music for the boys, often during quiet times like crafts or snack. This year, we were blessed to review Zeezok Music and have thoroughly enjoyed its composer biographies and music appreciation CDs. We will wrap up our composer studies this summer.

Next year, the boys and I will be learning the ukulele together! We have started to use Amanda at Raising da Vinci's Ukulele Course For Kids with tremendous success. I love the solid introduction to music at a level that even Bear, my 5 year old, can grasp.

Let's chat about homeschool music is a Periscope & blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers find the best curriculum.

Homeschool Music Recommendations From Homeschoolers!

I have been jumping on Periscope on Tuesdays around 3pm ET. I invite viewers to share their recommended curricula on a specific homeschool subject. Also, I ask members of Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook group to contribute their top curricula choices.

Here are recommendations that rock for homeschool music!

Piano Wizard Academy-Teresa's family uses it. It appears to be a game that you play to learn the piano. How cool!

Music Flash Cards-Set A:  Recommended by Amanda from Raising daVinci, these cards look awesome and are affordable.

Joy Tunes (Piano Apps):  Amanda also shared these gems and wrote, "We use both dust busters and simply piano apps. My 3 year old like them! Great for older kids too!"

Free Music Education 7 Day E-Course:  Amanda created this fabulous resource for homeschool music. I highly recommend this course to help you teach your kids an introduction music.

Best Instrument For Beginners-Kids Ukulele Course:  My boys and I are learning to play the ukulele with Amanda's course. Fantastic for toddlers to adults! Affordable and great introduction to learning to play an instrument.

SQUILT:  Highly recommended music appreciation course. On our homeschool music wishlist!

21 Lessons In American History 20th Century Music Appreciation:  My boys and I have used this course and loved it. Great way to help your kids learn about more modern music.

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool Music:  Excellent FREE online homeschool music! Different age levels and themes. We use and highly recommend!

Rod and Staff-Beginning In Music:  Jenn from Chaotic Bliss Homeschooling shared this affordable resource that is recommended for introduction to music.

FREE Online Music Lessons For Kids:  Forest from Kingdom First Homeschool shared her list of recommended free online music courses.

Classics For Kids:  Damore shared, "We love Classics for Kids for composer study."

Mozart's Magic Fantasy: A Journey Through 'The Magic Flute':  Another homeschool music resource shared by Damore who states, "This and all the CDs in the series are really good."

The Classical Child At The Opera:  Damore also share this resource as her favorite opera CD for kids.

Sing Me a Story: The Metropolitan Opera's Book of Opera Stories for Children:  Damore suggests using this book with The Classical Child At The Opera CD.

Our next topic is one of my absolute favorites-HOMESCHOOL MATH!! Get ready for more great homeschool curriculum recommendations!

Let's chat about homeschool math is part of a Periscope & blog series dedicated to homeschoolers helping homeschoolers.



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