Homeschool Curriculum Help For All In New Series

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Let's Chat About Homeschool... is a new Periscope & blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Favorite homeschool curriculum and resources will be shared in a variety of ways. Great for all homeschoolers-new and experienced!

I am so ridiculously excited to announce this new blog and Periscope series all about homeschool curriculum. I am frequently asked for my recommendations and thoughts on a variety of homeschool subjects during my weekday morning Periscope, Rock Your Homeschool!  Also, I have friends (which I consider all my readers) message me to ask my opinion or experience with homeschool curriculum for different subjects.

To find out the nitty gritty details about this new Periscope and blog series, scroll down. This series will be an opportunity for fellow homeschoolers to hear why other homeschoolers recommend specific curriculum.
It will also be a chance for homeschool bloggers to share their curricula of choice-with affiliate links!
Let's make this the most rockin' all-in-one homeschool curriculum resource ever!!

I often get my off-the-wall ideas in the oddest of places. Digging up weeds to plant strawberry plants, folding laundry, and cleaning out our cockatiel's cage (Gandalf the Grey is my pretty boy bird!) are examples of activities where the little lightbulb in Amy's head goes off. This idea to create the most rockin' resource for homeschool curriculum for homeschoolers by homeschoolers occurred in the shower.

Do you have that happen? As a busy mom, you know how it is. You rarely get a quiet moment to yourself to ponder about life, let alone what you will have for dinner tomorrow. I often find that when I am blessed with those glorious moments of silence that my brain is revived and those "aha" moments occur.

As I was happily humming a little tune while sudsing up my hair, I though over a discussion from my weekday morning Periscope, Rock Your Homeschool! I had casually been asked if I had experience with a particular curriculum (for the life of me I can not recall the subject or curriculum-not uncommon with the amount of "squirreling" that goes on in my scope (and if you don't know what I am referring to, you must join my Rock Your Homeschool! scopes. So much fun!)

The soapy water rinsing from my hair felt delightful and I had a moment of revelation. Why not dedicate one "scope" a week to Homeschool Curriculum? And why not ask homeschoolers to help homeschoolers?

I am by no means a homeschool expert. We have homeschooled for 5 years. Yes, we have dabbled here and there but our experience with curriculum could fit into a thimble to compared to what is out there.

It hit me...for genuine and effective curriculum help, we need HOMESCHOOLERS HELPING HOMESCHOOLERS!

Homeschool Curriculum Help For All:  Step 1=Periscope

Periscope is by far my most favorite social media platform. I love connecting with other homeschoolers. The friendships and community formed through my scopes has been the most precious gem in my blogging treasure trove. (Dear readers, please don't get me wrong! I absolutely adore you! I find it so much easier to connect on Periscope through live social media broadcast-I would turn cartwheels if you join me there!)

I decided to open up my Tuesday afternoon Periscope slot to this brand new series:  Let's Chat About Homeschool...

We shall start this Periscope and blog series with chat about homeschool curriculum. I do have a few requirements for these chats to keep it positive and helpful:

  • Keep it positive!  That means no bashing of curriculum because it didn't work for your family. Every family is unique and what doesn't work for one may work for another.
  • Stick to the topic! I will highlight one homeschool subject a week. Please do not bring up math when we are talking about writing. Like I always tell my boys (and myself!), practice patience! Private message or email me with questions that need immediate answers.
  • Be kind with your words! This reminder refers back to point one. I do not care for certain words like "stupid" or "horrible" or the like. There is none of that on my scopes! I enjoy word choices like "awesome" or "rockin'" or "stupendous" (bonus points if you use any of those descriptive words in a scope!)

Let's Chat About Homeschool... viewers will have the opportunity to share their personal favorites about a specific homeschool subject.

HOMESCHOOL BLOGGERS READ HERE!! If you have written a blog post, you will be able to share your affiliate link!! (Oh yes, I said it!)  Keep reading for details!

Homeschool Curriculum Help For All:  Step 2=Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook Group

Let's Chat About Homeschool... viewers will be able to share their personal links to homeschool curricula of their preference in my Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook Group. If you are not a blogger, you are very welcome to share resources.

If you are a homeschool blogger (or affiliate for any homeschool curriculum), you will have the opportunity to share your blog post or social media shares with affiliate links in Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook group thread for that subject. Contributors are asked to please list at least 3 reasons why this specific homeschool curriculum rocks for this subject. (Questions? Email Amy at or leave comment!)

Homeschool Curriculum Help For All:  Step 3=Blog Post Right Here!

I, Amy of Busy Boys Brigade, will combine all recommendations into a massive blog post with credit given to all contributors! Let's Chat About Homeschool... blog posts will go live Fridays. These posts will be shared wherever possible (and contributors will be encouraged to share out, too!)

The goal for this homeschool curriculum series is to help all homeschoolers with making decisions about selecting the perfect curriculum for their family. The best advice that I have ever received has been from the experience of other homeschoolers.

I'm going to be frank here (and, yes, I had about 53 random jokes about my name not really being Frank in my head!):  I only want to hear about a homeschool curriculum if you truly and honestly believe in it. Like, you would lay a bet on it or (if you are not a gambling type like me) eat fried worms if the need to recount arose.

To recap, the benefits for homeschoolers include:

  • getting genuine advice and recommendation from other homeschoolers on curriculum
  • ability to interact and ask questions about curriculum on Periscope
  • chance to become involved in the most rockin' Facebook group for homeschoolers:  Rock Your Homeschool! (RYHS)
  • opportunity to share affiliate links in posts in RYHS Facebook group and on Busy Boys Brigade

Possible FAQs:

  1. What if I have same recommendation as another homeschooler? Cool! All the better! If you have affiliate links in a blog post, we want to read what you have to share and recommend! The more, the merrier!
  2. What if I read a recommendation for a homeschool curriculum that I can't stand? #1 Keep your lips zipped! #2 I do not care for the phrase "I can't stand..." Consider using "I prefer..." or "I would rather..." (a bit of mental health humor for you!)
  3. How many blog posts am I allowed to share? As many as you have for that homeschool curriculum! Have a series? Sweet! That will help readers reach a decision better.
  4. I have a homeschool subject that I want to share but has not been covered. What do I do? Email Amy at
  5. In what order will the blog posts be added?  Blog posts will be added in the order in which they are received in Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook group.
  6. Do blog posts need to be added in RYHS Facebook group to be a part of blog post? Yes, indeed they do! And why wouldn't you want to join our amazing community of homeschoolers helping homeschoolers? (If you do not have a Facebook account, contact Amy via email and we shall sort it out!)

Details for the first Let's Chat About Homeschool...

Join @AmyMilcic on Tuesday, May 31 at 3:00-ish pm ET for the very first, epic Let's Chat About Homeschool...READING!

You will not want to miss the fun as homeschoolers and bloggers share their utmost favorite HOMESCHOOL READING RESOURCES!  (Click below to read this post!)

Let\'s Chat About Homeschool...Reading is a Periscope and blog series for homeschoolers helping homeschoolers. Homeschool reading curriculum and resources will shared based on experiences and recommendations.

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